Chad Lunsford is Proof Power 5 Football isn't as Fun as Fun Belt Football

Could this guy be one of the faces of College Football?

Chances are, unless you are an alumnus of Georgia Southern or a hard core--Non Power 5 Conference College Football fan you probably have no earthly idea who he is.

And you are missing out on one of College Football's better stories.....

Chad Lunsford is the Head Coach of the Georgia Southern Eagles (yes, I'm biased--my alma mater). Lunsford--for most of his career--was a life long position coach who somehow found himself named interim Head Coach for the Eagles midway through 2017 when the school fired Tyson Summers after an 0-9 start.

Lunsford proceeded to take that team and win two of the teams last three games---and summarily earned the full-time job at the end of the season.

And to say he's helped turn the Eagles around would be a huge understatement.....

Georgia Southern is 7-1 in 2018 after thoroughly trouncing previously #25 ranked arch-rival Appalachian State 34-17. It also put Lunsford's team on the fast track to win the Sun Belt Conference title just one season removed from a 2-10 season.

Which is impressive on any level.....

Lunsford is not your typical Head Coach. He doesn't stand passively around before, during and after games---celebrating loudly with pretty much anyone nearby.

And then there is this:

Yes, that's Lunsford with hat turned backwards celebrating by dropping a "Bionic Elbow" on a steel chair....something many of you might have seen before in a different venue....

It was Southern's first win over a ranked team in the program's history---a history that includes multiple I-AA National Titles....

But I digress----I could talk all day about my school and their history.....

The point here is more this:

Sometimes you don't have to be a "Power 5" program to have fun and enjoy the game for what it is. Too often we get caught up in the National Hype about the Alabamas and Ohio States of the world and forget there are still places where the game is fun and not "Big Business"....

You can wager a pretty accurate guess as to which College Football teams these days will be in the College Football Playoff.

In a given season now---realistically there are at BEST...a dozen teams with a shot at the title. And those schools all feature 90,000-plus seat stadiums with 8 figure budgets and a guaranteed TV date for every single one of their games....

But there's oh, so much more out there.....

I've talked tons of times about Power 5 Football and how they should---and eventually probably will break off and form their own league. And I'm okay with that.

Let the teams spending more money than god on football play against each other.

I'd rather see two teams playing in a smaller---less high profile conference have a great time, playing crazy hard and crazy good football square off in front of 25,000 or so fans.

It's the last remnants of what College Football used to be in a now bygone era. The game was fun, and competitive and you rarely knew who would win. There was always the chance an underdog could win and upset the apple cart.

Now the Georgia Southern's and Appalachian States and other Sun Belt, Mid-American Conference, Conference USA, Mountain West, American Athletic Conference teams and others exist primarily to play each other with all playing at least one Power Five team, mostly for a payday to keep the athletic budget in the black.

And that's wrong. It's not the way it should be.

On November 17th of the 2018 season, Alabama will play The Citadel in a home game. Yes, The Citadel. Georgia Southern has already played Clemson, losing 38-7, which is better than Furman....who lost 48-7 to the same Tiger team. And Georgia plays UMass the same day Alabama plays Citadel.

There's something inherently wrong with this. There's ZERO reason for these games to play and ZERO chance Citadel, Southern, Furman or UMass had or have a chance to win the game. Their only goal is to escape with no injuries and a fat 7-figure paycheck.

Which is EVERYTHING wrong with College Football today. The game is all about TV Contracts, Power Five Schools and who can have the most palatial facilities....and I hate that.

Give me Sun Belt Football or MAC-Action or Conference USA Football.

Give me UCF playing in the College Football Playoff after winning 20+ games in a row. It shouldn't matter they don't have a $70 million football budget or don't play in the SEC or Big 10. Heck, I'd take UCF to beat pretty much EVERYONE in the ACC except for maybe Clemson.

But we'll never see it happen.

That's why the Georgia Southern's and the UCF's and other non-Power Fives need their own league. They need their own title competition. Let those of us who've graduated from smaller schools have the dream of seeing our schools compete for something more than a Conference Title and shitty December Bowl Game.

There's nothing bad about the idea....

But I'm also probably dreaming to think it would happen....

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