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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: One Thing Leads to Another

Okay, so I have to confess--there really isn't a compelling reason to use Home Simpson eating a donut other than, well, why the heck not??

I'd be derelict in my duty as a self-proclaimed football expert if I didn't mention I went 13-2 with picks last week. Yup, I took Texas to win over Oklahoma and damn near got the score right. But I also took

That makes me 38-5 for the 2018 season which while technically doesn't make me an expert (due to low readership) it does validate my proclamations that I know of what I speak....

With all of that in mind, a great man once said "On with the Countdown"....


1) Alabama 6-0: What Tua did to Arkansas last week was just insane. I'm pretty sure he broke the QB Statistic scales. The only thing his coach could find to criticize this week was the defense which gave up 31 to the Razorbacks. It's the little things I suppose...

This Week: vs. Missouri; My Pick: Alabama 47, Missouri 21

2) Ohio State 6-0: The team with the best non-Hawaii born QB in College Football. In case you're wondering, Dwayne Haskins has already thrown for 25 TD's. But alas, the same complaint here for the Buckeyes. Defense.

This Week: vs. Minnesota; My Pick: Ohio St. 37, Minnesota 17

3) Clemson 6-0: We finally got full on Clemson this past week as they put up a 63 spot on a decent Wake Forest team. QB Trevor Lawrence does not have to be great, just not lose the game as the running backs on this team are amazing. And so is the defense.

This Week: vs. NC State; My Pick: Clemson 27, NC State 23

4) Notre Dame 6-0: The Irish don't do anything super stellar, but they win. And the schedule sets up perfectly for them this year. Barring major injuries, they'll be in the playoff. Debatable about their worthiness, but they're in.

This Week: vs. Pitt; My Pick: Notre Dame 41, Pitt 13

5) Georgia 6-0: The Dogs are good. Very good. But not the #2 team in the Country right now. Another scary good offensive team though banged up on the O-Line, but defense is questionable despite being in Top 10 statistically.

This Week: at LSU; My Pick: Georgia 28, LSU 24

6) West Virginia 5-0: Yup, West Virginia. The Mountaineers have been very, very good. But inconsistent. Will Grier threw 3 INT's last week vs. Kansas. He'll need to be better this week. Much better.

This Week: at Iowa St.; My Pick: Iowa St. 37, W.Virginia 31 UPSET!!!!!

7) UCF 5-0: Your darkhorse playoff team. Yeah, I said it. Pretty good chance they run the table and they may not get in, but they'll be heard. And you can argue they deserve it at that point. If for no other reason than the rest of the world needs to see McKenzie Milton play again.

This Week: at Memphis; My Pick: UCF 51, Memphis 34

8) Penn State 5-1: After a week to dwell on the Ohio St. loss, the Nittany Lions are back. And while the season isn't over, they need some help. A lot of help to get to the playoff...

This Week: vs. Michigan State; My Pick: Penn State 34, Michigan State 21

9) Texas 5-1: I said after game #1, stop talking about Tom Herman getting fired. After beating Oklahoma, he's safe. The Longhorns have gotten better each week but the schedule is tough for them. Win out and they'll be in the mix.

This Week: vs. Baylor; My Pick: Texas 43, Baylor 41

10) Washington 5-1: The Huskies just keep winning in anonymity, they aren't flashy or dominant, but they keep winning. They're in the drivers seat as they're toughest remaining games will be at home. After this game that is...

This Week: at Oregon; My Pick: Washington 37, Oregon 34

11) Florida 5-1: So is it safe to say Dan Mullen has the Gators back? Huge win vs. LSU and the only tough game left is the Cocktail Party vs. Georgia. There are still huge questions on Offense but the defense is stout.

This Week: at Vanderbilt; My Pick: Florida 24, Vandy 13

12) Oklahoma 5-1: The Sooners stay only because they are just that damn good on offense. And they're in the Big 12 where no game is a gimme. Run the table and they still could win the Big 12, but will it get them in the playoff? Nah...

This Week: BYE


The Barrel giveth and the Barrel taketh away. Though strangely nothing changed this week other than the order of victims.

There are some really bad football teams here. And UConn....

5) San Jose State 0-5: The good news for the Spartans is they aren't getting blown out. But...they're losing to some pretty bad teams. They had a shot vs. Colorado State, but alas--they gave it away in the end.

This Week: vs. Army; My Pick: Army 37, San Jose State 27

4) UCLA 0-5: Oh, the Fighting Chip Kelly's. Alas, they at least challenged Washington but fell in the end. This team has multiple challenges on both sides of the ball. And it looks like Chip's pristine win-loss record is taking a big hit this season.

This Week: at Cal; My Pick: Cal 35, UCLA 23

3) UTEP 0-6: The Miners are another team on the cusp of beating someone. They even challenged a pretty solid North Texas team. But until they can get a win, there will be "No Escape from Stalag 13"....(look up the quote)

This Week: BYE

2) Nebraska 0-5: Sorry Scott Frost, your team has a chance. A slim chance. But a chance of winning this least once. But the defense will have to tighten up, the Huskers aren't awful on offense but you can't win without stopping the other team occasionally.

This Week: at Northwestern; My Pick: Northwestern 35, Nebraska 21

1) UConn 1-5: No, the win vs. a really bad FCS team (Rhode Island) doesn't count. Randy Edsall's team is bad. Like historically awful bad. Like bring your school's Fraternity League Flag Football team who'll run up the score on them bad...The reason: 650+ yards and 50+ points given up per game this season. Ouch!!

This Week: Bye Week 55, UConn 10

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