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Your Favorite College Basketball Teams are About Get in Deep Trouble

Hey, look, I know it is not yet College Basketball season, but you might want to pay attention this week to a trial going on in New York City.

I mentioned it about a week ago and I don't know about you, but I'm still paying attention because there are about to be some College Basketball Powerhouse programs taking a BIG hit on a National Stage.

The fact they were involved with Adidas and other sneaker companies in a set-up to pay Top Level College Basketball recruits to attend a particular school is not a huge revelation any more.

It's been widely reported some players got six figures or more to land at a school wearing the gear of a particular Athletic wear brand.

But initially, the indictments only listed a handful of Assistant Coaches at four schools: Louisville, Arizona, Texas and USC.

If you've been following the court case, you can add a few more: Creighton (yes, Creighton), Kansas, Oklahoma State and possibly Oregon can be added to the list.....

All are accused of offering elite level players large sums of money to play, none are being charged in this particular court case.

The crux of the Government's case focuses on Adidas and marketing man James Gallo along with another Adidas employee and soon to be former Agent Christian Dawkins who at the time the alleged crimes were happening functioned as a "Middle Man".

The Government says all are guilty of "Wire Fraud" in a specific case where it was found the men arranged for then recruit Brian Bowen Jr to play at Louisville for roughly $100,000.

The crazy part of this to me: All the guys charged in this case say they are innocent because "Violating an NCAA rule is not a crime".

Yes, really.....

Their defense attorney is arguing trying to "Help" Louisville land a recruit by essentially purchasing his rights is NOT a crime.

Think about that for a minute....

We aren't talking about the NBA...or, well, any other sport here. We're talking about College Basketball.....

Before you say, "Well, it happens, it's part of the game" or "The players should get paid".....understand it is STILL AGAINST NCAA RULES TO DO IT....

And yes, being a part of a conspiracy to circumvent the rules arguably is a crime....

Which is what happened here.

It isn't just Louisville, who to pardon my French---is Fucked, but the other schools named/involved are probably in trouble too. There's no way in the world Bowen is the only recruit to ever start a bidding war. Not in the past couple of years anyway.

This folks, is College Basketball's seedy underbelly and something that needs to be stopped now. I don't have a problem with players getting a stipend or a portion of marketing profits----from the school itself for making money off their likenesses.

But sneaker companies controlling the players...and the game, is just flat out wrong. It should be illegal. And everyone involved should be punished for trying to pull it off.

The last paragraph alone is a reason everyone involved in this case---including the schools....needs to be punished to the n-th degree.

It also means there likely will or should be a ton of potential Top 20 teams who should spend the next couple of years with NCAA Penalties along with humungous fines for the Sneaker Companies to try and keep them from interfering in what should be an amateur game....

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