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Nick Saban Needs to Stop Complaining About Something He Contributed to.....

If you look up the somewhat imaginary term "Coaching Hubris", you likely could see Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban as a prime creator of what the term might imply.

The latest example of said "Hubris", Saban whining to reporters on Wednesday about his disappointment over the student attendance at Crimson Tide Football games. Not the big games, the Auburn's or Texas A&M's or other SEC Opponents, but rather the----other games.

His complaints came on the heels of Alabama's rather easy 56-14 win over Louisiana (Lafayette) this past Saturday in front of a good, but not full Bryant-Denny Stadium. Mind you the game was never in question---even before the kickoff and it started at 11am Central Time in Tuscaloosa....

Yeah, sure, I get it. Nick Saban is the master of subtle suggestions. Though in this case, it is incredibly hypocritical to speak of students being "Entitled" when it comes to his football teams.

This "Complaint" is coming from a guy making $8+ million a year to coach a college football team. This comes from someone who schedules games like the Louisiana game which holds no appeal, for well, anyone.

And sure, I get it. I know in Alabama of all places, College Football is life. There is nothing else more important in their lives to a freakishly scary amount of the state's population. And yeah, to Saban, there's nothing they should have in their lives that trumps coming to one of his teams games.

Sure, I hear ya Nicky. For a 20-year old, what better do they have to do with their lives than worship you at the shrine of all things College Football.

You want a full, packed house for your games----then schedule a COMPETITIVE game....Bring in a team from the Big 12 or Pac 12 or one of the other Power 5 conferences.

You know, a team that might actually be able to compete with you.

Why would a College student, who stayed up late on a Friday night blowing off steam from a week of classes, get up at say 7 or 8 a.m on a Saturday so they can sit in a stadium with 90,000 or so others sweating their balls off for a game that the alma mater had ZERO chance of losing.

Don't tell me---"Well, there's always a chance we could lose". No, not in this case. Yeah, sure, there are the occasional upset by the dreaded others...but this year, nobody is beating Alabama. Nobody....including a mediocre at best Sun Belt team coming in for a payday.

Yeah, I know, for people in the state of Alabama, they're willing to sacrifice their health, their lives and everything dear to them on a weekend to stop and worship their College Football teams, which if you're a coach is great.

And I get it, you can get alumni or fans (they aren't the same thing) to buy the student tickets and fill the stadium if you wanted to. But that isn't what College Football is about.

I can see you making a business decision to put more butts in seats like that and because you are...well, you, you'll get away with it. Nobody in Alabama is allowed to question you or contradict what you say, it's tantamount to a crime against the state and the punishment would be the closest thing to death one could ever ask for.

With College Football being less and less about College and more about revenue and paying coaches etc big money, you can shut the students out and those of us who are closer to purists will hem and haw, complain and all that, but ultimately there's nothing we can do about it.

Nick Saban and so many of his coaching brethren have created a student apathy problem for the "Power 5" schools. It's their doing. It's on them.

So since they created the issue, it automatically means they don't get the right to complain about the problem. You don't get to bitch about a problem that you created.

So please, go back to whining about your football team. Please shut the hell up....

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