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The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: You Oughta Know....

Yeah, I know, I'm referencing a 20-plus year old Alanis Morrisette song...though honestly it contains arguably one of the best guitar and bass riffs in modern rock...

While you're doing that, let's get back to what we're here for, College Football. Brother Jon quoted several people who said this past week was College Football on LSD, I disagree, it's more like a week where at least one "Cupcake"--(see: Dominion, Old) bit back.

There have been far stranger weeks and well, pretty much everyone who matters held serve. No real changes. Alabama was Alabama, Clemson, Clemson and so on and so forth.

Oh, by the way--in case you're keeping track:

11-3 with predictions last weekend. And while no, I don't do spreads--I damn near got the UGA vs. Missouri score right. Alabama's game too....

Just sayin'....

On the good side--it's time for Conference games to kick in to high gear, you won't see as many pushover games. But barring something weird happening---like you, I've got a pretty good idea who our playoff teams will be.

Let's see if you agree:


1. Alabama 4-0: Yeah, the Tide is scary good this year. In years gone by, they plugged away on offense with an occasional big play. This year thanks to Tua, there's big play potential pretty much every time they run a play.

This Week: vs. The University of Louisiana; My Pick: Bama 48, La-Laf 13

2. Ohio State 4-0: I really, really hate putting the Buckeyes this high in the rankings but they are impressive. So far. Love the job Dwayne Haskins is doing at QB but one wonders what impact the loss of DE Nick Bosa is going to mean when it counts. We're about to find out

This Week: at Penn State; My Pick: tOSU 31, Penn St. 27

3. Georgia 4-0: The Dogs had a strange, strange day in Columbia, Missouri this past weekend. They seemed to not quite be awake for part of the game yet thanks to the Special Teams and defense, they still won relatively easy.

This Week: vs. Tennessee; My Pick: UGA 43, Tennessee 21

4. Clemson 4-0: Finally the Tigers played a good game, rolling Ga. Tech 49-21. More importantly they put their best QB, Trevor Lawrence in the starter seat which should scare more than a few teams. Though really nobody in the ACC is a serious threat to beat them.

This Week: vs. Syracuse; My Pick: Clemson 47, Syracuse 23

5. Penn State 4-0: The Nittany Lions have gotten better each week, we now will find out what is going to happen vs. elite Competition. Arguably this will be their only serious test this season....

This Week: See #2

6. Notre Dame 4-0: No, the Irish have been seriously un-impressive this season, but they keep winning. Making a change this past week to Ian Book at QB seems to have jump started the offense. Can they keep it up?? This Week: vs. Stanford; My pick: Notre Dame 29, Stanford 27

7. LSU 4-0: Nothing about LSU screams Top 5 team, yet in most polls they are. The Tigers are the same team they always are--mediocre on offense, pretty good on defense. Which likely makes them 10-2 at the end of the season.

This Week: vs. Ole Miss; My Pick: LSU 23, Ole Miss 21

8: Oklahoma 4-0: Sooner Nation should be worried. I don't think going to OT vs. Army was a fluke. The offense will likely be the reason Oklahoma is undefeated until the last game at West Virginia. Yep. Think about that....

This Week: vs. Baylor; My Pick Oklahoma 41, Baylor 10

9. West Virginia 3-0: This is my dark horse playoff team. What? Yes, you heard me. Playoff team. Look at the statistics. Not only are they crazy good on offense with QB Will Grier (best player in CFB), the defense thus far has been in the Top 20 nationally. It should worry most everyone not in the SEC.

This Week: at Texas Tech; My Pick: W.Virginia 47, Texas Tech 35

10. Stanford 4-0: I like the Cardinal team. At least Pac 12 wise. But they were flat out lucky to beat an ok Oregon team in Autzen/Nike Stadium. With Bryce Love healthy, there is a lot to like about this team. But David Shaw's teams always seem to underachieve.

This Week: See #6

11. Kentucky 4-0: What? Kentucky? The basketball school? Yup. That Kentucky. Watch out for the Wildcats. Benny Snell is legit and the defense top notch. They absolutely dominated a solid Mississippi State team last week.

This Week: vs. South Carolina; My Pick: Kentucky 26, S.Carolina 17

12. UCF 4-0: Here we go again. The Knights may not be as good as they were in 2017, but the schedule is kind and they always have a chance thanks to Mackenzie Milton. Only one "Power 5" team on the schedule, every other game will be easily winnable.

This Week: vs. Pitt; My Pick: UCF 43, Pitt 21


Welp, the worst of the worst is a challenge to produce only because oh, so many teams are making themselves eligible for the list.

And I should add it includes some "Traditional Powers" whom are "In Transition" but at the moment are bad. Really, really bad....

5. Nebraska 0-3: Wow, how the mighty have fallen. Scott Frost's team is just not competitive right now. But nobody thought they'd be this bad. The cupboard isn't totally bare--but the parts aren't performing well. At all...

This Week: vs. Purdue; My Pick: Purdue 38, Nebraska 23

4. UCLA 0-3: Good thing Chip Kelly's team had a bye week. It prevented them from losing--I think? Another team that we knew wouldn't be a title team, but losing to Fresno State and Cincinnati? No, that folks, ain't good. Another system problem. Kelly has Jim Mora's athletes who are ill suited to run his offense.

This Week: at Colorado; My Pick: Colorado 31, UCLA 21

3. Rutgers 1-3: Absolutely bad. Buffalo just flat out crushed a really bad team. Yet the Scarlet Knights are allegedly a "Big 10" team. For whatever that is worth. Anyone want to bet a coaching change happens in December?

This Week: vs. Indiana; My Pick: Indiana 34, Rutgers 13

2. UTEP 0-4: So, does a "Near Win" allow you a chance to climb out of the basement? Hmmm....maybe? Even if the other team was a lucky but nearly as bad New Mexico State squad? Well, um, ok. We still have a long way to go this season, I still think the Miners will end up as Barrel Champs....

This Week: at Texas San Antonio; My Pick: UTSA 23, UTEP 13

1. San Jose State 0-3: Oh, I pity poor San Jose State. The Spartans currently rank #130...out of #130 in rushing offense. They don't throw the ball much better. Oh, did I mention they give up 391.7 yards a game defending the pass?? Yeah.....

This Week: vs. Hawaii; My Pick: Hawaii 51, San Jose St. 10

And there you have it.

Do you all agree with any of this? None of this? Or somewhere in between??

Let us know @osgsports on both Facebook and Twitter and make sure you check out our College Football Podcasts on Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and a platform near you....

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