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Social Media Football Fans are the Best Football Fans

I hope none of my friends take this the wrong way---I still love them but it really, really makes me laugh to check out their Social Media feeds during football season.

They aren't the only ones and so, so many will post random comments and complaints about their coaches, players and/or teams during the game---with the appearance (at least on the surface) those they are addressing will actually see the post, listen to them and change because they're complaining.

*ED Note: I'm trying not to name names*

Haha! Really, we all know TV announcers are clearly biased against your team if they even mention the other team. In fact---they always mention the other team more than yours so I don't know why anyone bothers to listen to the guys calling the game....

Wait, the Bulldogs won the game 43-29, how is that a "Dumpster Fire"?

Wow! 204 degrees, or roughly the temperature a BBQ Pitmaster cooks meat to make barbecue. I'm sure they'd burn the "Film" if they had it---though teams...and well anyone outside a few filmmakers haven't used actual film in a good 20+ years.

But hey....experts be experting....

Something tells me this guy isn't going to get much sympathy....

I guess my point here is this: Maybe I'm just cynical...or old and don't get the purpose of Social Media, but I've never quite understood why people post random thoughts or complaints to their "Followers". It's even funnier when they post something like the team or person they're posting about is going to hear them and do something about it.

Maybe it's just an exercise in futility. Maybe it's just the ability to vent your spleen to nobody in particular.

Okay, that probably is it because yeah, like the rest of you, I've been guilty of doing this too. For whatever reason it just kind of resonated with me this week.

I do find it funny that many of you swear announcers are biased or you can call offensive plays or tell players what to do to make them better than people getting paid 6 or 7 figures to do exactly that. So many of us are experts in our fields even if we've never tried to play or understood how the game works.

Yeah, I know, it is where "Armchair Quarterbacking" came from. I get it. Using social media as your armchair just makes it funny to me for reasons, well, because it does.

*NOTE: This applies to all of you who complain about products, businesses etc as well. Unless you tag the business, person or product in your rant, they'll never see it....

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