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Until it is Announced Maroon 5 is NOT Performing at the Super Bowl in Atlanta

I refuse to believe the NFL is stupid enough to pay the band Maroon 5 to be this seasons halftime performers at the Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Yet every single News Organization in the world is quoting an unconfirmed report by noted NFL Experts Variety Magazine stating this is exactly what is going to happen.

Have ALL of you not forgotten this is only a rumor? Or the tradition of the first rumored performer not ending up being the actual performance? Sources saying they are working on a deal does not mean said deal has happened. Until it hasn't happened.

The answer to that question appears to be yes and it's kind of pissing me off. Hell, even Wikipedia is reporting it is a done deal.

Mind you the NFL has made NO announcement about this. None. They've not confirmed ANY of this.

Yet the list of people and outlets who are outraged about the choice that isn't a choice is growing exponentially.

Their arguments are all the points I can make as to why this isn't a done deal.

1---The game is in Atlanta. Maroon 5 has ZERO connection to the ATL. None

2---Atlanta has an amazing music scene with a lengthy list of headline performers in multiple genres

3---While the NFL is tone deaf, they rarely try to piss off their potential audience...intentionally

Sure, the Shield (NFL) has a tendency to lean towards the milquetoast, the generic performers who appeal to the widest audience possible while attempting to steer clear of any sort of controversy.

They've gotten a bit more edgy the past couple of years with Justin Timberlake performing in the last game, Lady Gaga the game before that. But it is hard to get past the lengthy run of dinosaur rock performers and before that the Disney Produced "Up with People" type performances.

Fans have come to expect some sort of crazy good show. Which is not to say Maroon 5 is incapable of putting on a solid show. This has nothing to do with them.

Atlanta deserves its moment in the spotlight during Super Bowl week. The city deserves to be acknowledged for the incredibly diverse community it is.

The NFL, I believe, will not finalize a deal with Maroon 5 to perform at Super Bowl LIII (53). I could be wrong. And according to pretty much---everyone else. I am wrong.

I believe fully that we'll see Atlanta area natives Ludacris or TI, Jermaine Dupree or Outkast. Stars like Usher or Little Jon or even Jeezy. Perhaps a different path like say The Zac Brown Band who fits every check box for an NFL Halftime performance.

Yeah, I know, the NFL is pretty much Tone Deaf and doesn't care how the locals will react to anything they choose. The Shield is a behemoth which does whatever they want knowing full well their corporate sponsors and VIP's will be sitting inside Mercedes Benz Stadium, paying $5000+ for their seats and they'll be perfectly happy.

If the early leader in clubhouse becomes the choice---it will only serve to piss off the locals more than they currently are.

And as someone based in Atlanta---let me tell you, just the reporting of this on Wednesday was enough to rile up an already nervous crowd. Don't take it a step further NFL, you might live to regret it....

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