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Why Do College Football Fans Think They Are Smarter Than Head Coaches?

Never change College Football fans, never change. For all the love you profess to have for the sport---it never ceases to make me laugh at the reactions after your team loses your first game. It's even funnier reading the reaction afterwards....

It makes me wonder why anyone would take a job--particularly at a major conference team....

Alas, Auburn folks are only a microcosm of the issue and more on the extreme. But, they aren't in the same boat as say Arkansas, Florida State, Nebraska or UCLA fans who are completely besides themselves as new Head Coaches Chad Morris, Willie Taggart, Scott Frost and Chip Kelly are a combined 2-9 in 2018.

It's so bad for Kelly, he's getting roasted on Twitter by the dad of his starting QB.

As for Morris---the Razorbacks, once a middle of the pack SEC team have started 2018 with a win over Eastern Illinois, followed by Colorado State and North Texas.

Yes, really....The natives---not realizing just how bad the Razorbacks roster is...are already restless...

It's not to say things will turn out great in any of these situations. They may not. But it's also 3 games into the season.

Yeah, sure, Auburn has a pretty damn tough schedule and may not run the table. Auburn fans should have known this going in. The likelihood of them "Running the Table" this season was slim at best. And quite honestly---if they win out, they'll be in the Playoff. No, I don't think it will happen, but stranger things have happened.

UCLA has some work to do. Kelly may---or may not be the guy, but the Bruins were not good under Jim Mora the past couple season and lost QB Josh Rosen, there's a lot of work ahead for that team.

Nebraska fans are equally laughable. The Huskers haven't been relevant in a couple of decades--but the expectation levels are through the roof. There's no doubt in most people who objectively watch the games mind--Scott Frost will be successful there. But yeah, I get the anger in losing to Troy, something that probably should not happen.

Taggart is going to have to tune this out. FSU fans believe they should be 11-1 or better every season. And if you use recruiting as your guide--they probably should be better. But they're not. Taggart's offense and system is very, very different from Jimbo Fisher's and the athletes to run it are clearly not in place.

Even if he turns out to be an abject failure, the FSU crazies nor the school will pony up $20 million plus to buy him out after one season. It ain't happening.

If the Seminoles are 5-7 in 2019, we have a different conversation---but it's still mid-September of 2018. So enjoy your misery FSU faithful and UCLA faithful and Nebraska, Auburn and others, we've got a lot of football left.

If you think now is the time to tune out, welp, then to steal a phrase---

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