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The NFL Season Officially Starts and You'll Be Watching

Congratulations NFL Fan, your season begins for real tonight (Sept. 6th). Game on, playing for realz, they all count...or any other cliche' you can think of.

Okay, so it's technically a movie clip and they're wearing Hockey Outfits, but hopefully you are Pop Culture enough to get the reference...


When the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles kick the ball off on Thursday night, it likely will erase the league's version of a National Nightmare.

Or what you and I call their Public Relations department.

From Anthem Protests, to player investigations, to player holdouts and most recently the banished Colin Kaepernick, "The Shield" has struggled to get out of their own way---dropping easy and frequent opportunities to get bashed by the acolytes of the current troll occupying the highest political office in all the land.

And his acolytes have relished the missteps, the not-thought-through statements and trip ups along the way this spring and summer. They've tried numerous times to draw attention to last years TV ratings as a harbinger of their complaints affecting the league and its bottom line.

It hasn't.

Yes, the TV ratings have dropped a bit. Not as much as pretty much every single other thing on broadcast television, but they've dropped.

Mind you those ratings still dwarf pretty much anything outside the Walking Dead but yes, they've slipped as less and less people watch traditional over-the-air programming sources.

No, the money hasn't changed. The NFL has gargantuan broadcast contracts which are guaranteed. They haven't changed and the next round of negotiations will still likely draw billions not millions.

Nor have the sponsors fled. There is no lack of sponsors, no fleeing of private businesses for fear of alienating the small, vocal segment of the population complaining about the NFL.

So enjoy the 2018-19 season folks. You've got no clear cut NFL favorite, no team "Guaranteed" to win the Super Bowl before it starts.

Unlike College Football, there are at least half if not more of the leagues teams who can "Win it All". The only question as "Toe Meets Leather".....

Is who's "Team" will that be....

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