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Why is There So Much Faux Outrage at Colin Kaepernick's Nike Deal?

I will never understand people's "Outrage" on Social Media, their attempt at trying to send a message about something they don't like or agree with to someone or something who'll never see or care what they think.

On Labor Day, Nike and unfortunate football pariah Colin Kaepernick reappeared on a National Stage when it was announced the former NFL Quarterback would be one of several "Featured" faces on their newest "Just Do It" Marketing Campaign.

It took roughly 30-seconds after said announcement trickled out for the responses to start flooding in.

Which folks, I'm sorry---but I just flat out do NOT understand. Maybe I'm socially awkward, maybe I'm at an age where I just don't give a shit, but I do NOT get the outrage. (And yes, I'm fully aware of the back-story here) What Kapernick or Nike does has no impact on any of you people.. It doesn't change even the smallest fraction of your every day life.

So why are you so pissed off?

Okay, yes, I know it's the current way too over politicized/polarized world we live in that's brought us to this level of petty stupid behavior and yeah, I still don't understand the anger. Okay, maybe I just think it's moronic and stupid...but I suppose that's another conversation.

It irks The Lovely Bride a bit that I don't feel strongly about "Boycotting" a business because they made a donation or said something I may or may not agree with on a political level. But at the same time POLITICS is not life. I don't think a private business owner owes me an explanation for what he or she does with their money on their time.

This may just be my journalist self coming out here, but the last I checked a private business can pretty much support whomever or whatever they want (short of extreme terrorism). When you start bringing politics into the conversation, all of a sudden your choking that business off for their beliefs. You may not like their beliefs or agree with them, but it's their beliefs, the owner is entitled to have them. As long as it doesn't have an impact on you or someone you know---why should it matter?

Once upon a time (3-years ago and before) there was a point in our civilization before the current political officeholders where you were allowed to disagree with someone else's beliefs, but you were also respectful of them. I say this to people on both sides of the political spectrum because BOTH are guilty of this.

Colin Kaepernick did something not everyone liked and not everyone agreed with. But in the U.S, you're supposed to be allowed to make a statement like the one he attempted if you so choose. He in the short term ended up sacrificing his NFL Career because he had the temerity to kneel during the National Anthem and while the gesture was intended as one thing the message quickly got hijacked became something entirely different.

Because of Politics...

I have multiple friends who argue he and the other NFL Players who've taken a knee are "Employees" and subject to employment rules. That if we did what they were doing---we'd be fired. And on the surface---NFL Players like the rest of us yes, are employees.

But NFL Employees/Players---they are held to an entirely different standard than Joe Smith, Office Worker. It's Apples and Oranges, the only thing in common is the technical term of "Employee". Joe Smith isn't going to be physically damaged the rest of his life from his job. Joe Smith doesn't get paid millions of dollars to endorse products. Joe Smith isn't someone who is told he should be a role model or use his status to help causes and take a stand to help those less fortunate.

Which is something Professional Athletes have been told they should be doing and have been for generations.

Until now---when someone may or may not agree with it.\

In this "Social Media" age, so many people use their online "Anonymity" to say and do things they'd never do in front of another human being and it is now considered "Acceptable" behavior and often "News Worthy". Why I don't know...but it happens. A LOT....

For those of you who are "Offended" Nike is allowing Colin Kaepernick to have an actual job, well, I'm not going to change your mind and neither is anyone else. You have your mind made up and probably aren't going to like what I say next.

Which is this: You may not realize this, you may not have thought about this...but there is a bit of a racist tone to your reactions over NFL Players and them making a statement. About them trying to point out a GLARING problem in current society, which is the treatment of young, black males by police. You may not realize it or even have thought about it, but they (the players) are right. The problem exists. It may not fit or jibe with your belief system, it may be something you've never thought about, were concerned with or been told is a problem. If it is something not impacting your daily life in your community or if it has never impacted you, then you probably don't think the problem of racism still exits.

It may be ignorance or limited awareness of what goes on beyond your subdivision, but the issue Kaepernick and others were trying to bring attention to exists. It's a much bigger problem than many of you think.

And by making the issue about something else---being an employee not the boss, saying NFL athletes are disrespecting the military or the country is deflecting a pointed statement about a real problem by making it about Politics.

There is not a SINGLE NFL Player, Kaepernick included who "Hates" where they live. Despite what the people with a vested stake in a Political Stance tell you. There is not a SINGLE NFL Player who overtly hates the military. And yet some of you have made it about just that.

What is YOUR issue with letting Colin Kaepernick make his money? Why do you care if he has a job? Why do you care if NIKE pays him? Does it impact your life in any way shape or form? Does it change the quality of the product? Does it change what happens to you when you walk out the door of your house every morning? No, it doesn't.

So please stop whining about things like this. Those of us who don't give a shit about what someone else does with their lives are tired of hearing about it.

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