After One Week Your College Football Team is Better or Worse Than You Think

One of the truest signs the College Football season is upon us is what is often referred to as "Over-Reaction Sunday". Yeah, as I write this, it's actually the first Monday after week 1, not Sunday and there's actually one last game to be played on a 5-day long slate of games.

And much like we discuss on the OSG on CFB Podcast, there are lots of fanbases out there either panicking or resting comfortably on this Labor Day Weekend.....

But should they be?

Well, I guess that depends on who you follow.....

If you are a fan of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State or whole slew of others---yeah, you probably are thinking "We're playoff bound baby!"....

If you back Michigan, Texas, Washington or Miami, well, it's more like "Fire Everyone, we suck"....

But guess what folks---you're all wrong.....

Sure, Alabama looked great decimating an outmanned Louisville behind new "All-World" QB Tua Tagliavoa and everyone else squashed their designated cupcakes. But please remember something....

It's only week one.

There is a lot of College Football left to be played.

Already we have proclamations that LSU will be a "Spoiler" in the SEC after beating a HIGHLY overrated Miami team. Texas fans are beginning to call for Coach Tom Herman's head after losing to a highly emotional Maryland team on the road for the second year in a row, yet the Longhorns schedule is frighteningly easy this season.

There are questions---lots of questions...about Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh after the Wolverines struggled in their loss to Notre Dame. The schedule yeah, is brutal, but Michigan is on the hook for a TON of money to Harbaugh--he's not going anywhere fast.

Penn State fans, you all are still catching your breath after the narrow escape vs. Appalachian State which begs the question: Can the Nittany Lions keep up with the powerful Big 10 East? It's a question you don't know the answer to and won't for several weeks.

At the end of the day---it's what College Football does and why so many of us love it. We're invested from Week One despite Week One often being a very poor indicator of how good or how bad your team really is.

The first time a squad gets to hit someone other than a teammate takes some getting used to, there's no "Switch" that goes off and your favorite school isn't always going to dominate every time they touch the ball.

Losing or struggling on Week One is not an indicator in most cases of how the season will play out. Inevitably there will be upsets, injuries and players/teams who don't or aren't capable of living up to the outrageous expectations or hype.

Which is why much like every other sport, patience is a virtue. It's a marathon, not a sprint and you want to be standing at the end not the beginning.

Things have a way of sorting themselves out and the teams that most of us expect to be very good will be. So please be patient.

Unless your a Kansas fan. If you happen to be one of those poor, unfortunate souls---yeah, your season is over after opening with a home loss to FCS Nicholls State....

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