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Despite its Warts College Football Season is Still The Best Time of the Year

College Football may have a ton of warts, controversies and questionable behavior and the season be somewhat a foregone conclusion while not rewarding the best teams.

But at the end of the day---it's still the best of all the least in my opinion.

The 2018 season started I guess technically when "Week Zero" kicked off 4 games the weekend before Labor Day. Labor Day weekend however is pretty much when EVERYBODY starts playing.

Don't get me wrong---if you don't attend or aren't a fan of the 12-14 schools with a legitimate chance at a National Title, the perspective may be different than an Alabama, Clemson, Georgia or Ohio State fan.

It's not so much the competition that makes the game so much fun.

It's the atmosphere. The pomp. The circumstance. The students dragging into the stadium to cheer because---well that's what you do on a Saturday.

In the South---the air, the feel, the scenery all change when the season starts. It's really kind of hard to describe from someone who wasn't raised in the South how a College Football game day feels.

The tailgating is supreme. It's College Kids, families, alumni and others gathering and reminiscing and enjoying food and laughs. No, NFL tailgating is different. College has its share of crazies, but there are few who do things like the Buffalo Bills fans and their flaming table jumps....

And if the team with the ball goes 3 and out, you get a punt...and then another TV timeout.

It makes the pace of play brutal to sit through. Boring, dull and slow, the NFL is often a dozen or so great plays mixed in with 80 or so other plays and 40 TV Timeouts.

College, while full of TV timeouts has far fewer of them.....

It's not on me to tell anyone to take in a College Football game---it's a choice for any football fan. But I'd recommend it. In the Northeastern U.S. the NFL is the game---College is secondary. And it sometimes shows in the presentation and the event itself.

But that's ok. The NFL is what generation upon generation of folks in that part of the world grew up with. The teams were always there and the legacy passed down for decades.

College isn't always like that. It's not the same---though in many ways it is...It's generational in the Southeast and the Southwest. It's what most peoples grandparents and great grandparents grew up with. It's a legacy handed down for 50-100 years. The NFL is the newcomer for most old time southerners and doesn't have the same history.

It's changing--but it hasn't happened yet.

Go to Atlanta/Athens, Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, Austin, Knoxville and even Clemson just once if you get a chance. It's an experience you likely will never forget.

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