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Is Ohio State Looking to Make Tom Herman a Scapegoat?

It's a tactic straight out of a certain political officeholder's playbook and all about Public Relations.....

On the heels of Ohio State's decision to suspend Head Coach Urban Meyer and Athletic Director Gene Smith, more information about the schools "Alleged" independent investigation is slowly beginning to trickle out.

Mind you the story is and should always be about the impact of Domestic Violence and how Title IX investigations are or aren't administered. Yet the tOSU faithful and a few websites are trying to guide the narrative in a new direction.

Among the findings in the investigation was a brief mention that now fired Assistant Coach Zach Smith in 2014 along with multiple other "Mis-Deeds", spent time and unauthorized money allegedly entertaining some Florida High School Football coaches at a Strip Club along with another then Buckeye Assistant Coach.

The "Un-Named" Coach turned out to be current Texas Head Coach Tom Herman.

Which is unfortunate and arguably based on the report of what happened 4-years ago--a possible NCAA Violation...

But it is NOT what the Zach Smith/Urban Meyer mess is about. In any way, shape or form.

The issue is about what Urban knew and what Urban did or didn't do regarding Smith's apparent lengthy list of transgressions. The Strip Club incident was only ONE of many.

There was also a rumor Herman was the source pointing Brett McMurphy (who broke the story triggering everything) towards Courtney Smith (Zach's ex-wife). Both McMurphy and Herman vehemently denied the rumor.

But even if it was...SO WHAT? Again, NOT RELEVANT to the issues at hand.

Yeah, sure, I get it. The Ohio State fanboys are desperate to find a way to change the find someone who can be the "Scapegoat" for the current mess their beloved Buckeyes face.

Sorry guys, outside your little bubble in Ohio, nobody else cares. We all see through your little distraction here. For what it is worth---the Zach Smith/Tom Herman Strip Club incident is at best a "Minor NCAA Violation" and not something you'd face much of a penalty for.

The issue at hand is again---Domestic Violence. There is nothing that should EVER distract from that issue. Nothing. While Zach Smith never faced a judge over his issues with Courtney Smith, his case is a classic case of someone with immense problems. He's someone who should long have been fired from Ohio State and arguably never employed there in the first place.

And rather than being forced to get help for his problems, he was enabled by your "Holier than thou" Head Coach--Urban Meyer. You can sit there behind your keyboard and say all you want Urban did nothing wrong---despite the fact he clearly did.

At the end of the day, there was more than enough evidence based on the school's investigation for Smith to have been fired years ago. Yet he was protected by Meyer. At minimum, Meyer lied to his bosses, was not forthcoming with them. And it appears the bosses were at least aware there was a problem.

But nobody was willing to step up and do anything about it.

And that kids---is the problem.....

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