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Why Does College Football Have a Week Zero?

For the casual College Football fan---and well, even the "Hardcore" College Football, the season begins with "Week 1", right?

It's "Kickoff Classic Palooza" week, this last week of August/first weekend of September, Week #1, the beginning of almost every team in College Football's 2018 season.

Except for those teams who've already played....

Yeah, that's right--technically the 2018 season has already started.

This past weekend featured 4 games in what observers have started calling "Week Zero"....

Not Coke Zero, not Agent Zero but WEEK Zero....

For reasons I"m not quite sure of, the NCAA allows a small percentage of games to be played before the season for everyone else technically starts.

Wyoming, Hawaii, UMass and Rice already have 1-0 records. All 4 are on record for 2018, official even.

For most of us, unless you scour the Sports Highlight shows or are fans of those particular schools--you'd never know they played.

No, it's not the first time the NCAA has done this---but it still raises the question: Why?

I don't really know why. I'm not sure what it accomplishes by having a very small handful of off the radar teams play before everyone else does. Does it help with scheduling over the course of the season? Does it allow those schools to have a bye week they wouldn't have gotten?

Nobody seems to know the answer to those questions.

I should also add---the Hyperbole has already started for at least one of the "Week Zero" teams. By dominating a New Mexico State team fresh off a bowl win in 2017, Wyoming has already got people talking about a possible challenger to Boise State in the Mountain West. Already the question is "Could the Cowboys be the 'Champion of the Others'??

The answer of course is "It's way to damn early to know"....

At the end of the day---it doesn't really matter, but it does at least give those of us clamoring for some Football that really counts---something to talk about a week before the "Real Games" begin....

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