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Would You Pay to Watch Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson on Thanksgiving Weekend?

Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson. Two of golfs biggest names over the past 20-years and still the names who draw casual fans and all the attention whenever they show up at a tournament.

Mind you, the pair has combined for one (1) tournament win in the past 5-years, but names are names, right?

Well, this week it was announced the duo would square off in a Match Play round of golf in November on the extended Thanksgiving Weekend in Las Vegas.

The winner gets---$9 million.

Yes, that's right, $9 mill....

Now--in order to pay at least part of the bill---it was also announced the match would be a "Pay Per View" event which means you'll need to pony up some money to watch it. On a holiday weekend. When there will be lots of football taking place at the same time.

But again I ask--would you pay money to watch this? Would it be worth the price--even if it is affordable. You know, like $9.99 or something like that?

For me the answer is easy. Clear NO. But what about you? There is a certain segment of the population who love them some TV golf. Will they step up to the plate for this?

Golf, a largely summer sport has had problems dating back decades with nobody paying attention to the game after the PGA Tournament in August (ed. note: The PGA is moving to earlier schedule in 2019). The overlords of the game created the "Fed Ex" Challenge playoff to build up to the Tour Championship in September.

Still, outside a certain demographic---nobody watches.

Will Tiger v. Phil create buzz and conversation? Yeah, probably. Like I said, both names, particularly the name Tiger draws eyeballs and writers, reporters/producers will always bring up what they believe will draw the most attention.

Tiger, for all his warts has shown flashes of being competitive in 2018, coming close to winning at the PGA in what was a captivating final round performance. And that flash drew very large TV numbers something that hasn't happened in a long time.

But his game has been inconsistent at best with flashes of his old form followed by some brutal flaws.

Mickelson hasn't done much in several years either. Yeah, sure, he won a tournament in Mexico this year back in March (remember that?). But previous to that he had not won anything since 2013. He's 48-years old now (yes, he'll be Senior Tour eligible soon) and has had his share of issues the past few years.

But for the game of golf---it's Nicklaus vs. Palmer all over again. It's the two biggest names of the past 20-years squaring off for an obscene amount of money.

As I said before---I have no doubt who will tune in to watch and they'll be a decent amount of them who will. And yes, people still do "Pay Per View" events. The event will be online too--but will cost money to watch there as well. Tiger has said it will be "Affordable" for all which is nice to hear.

But no, count me as at least one person who won't be watching. I don't need to pay money to watch two stars of a generation playing for $9 million...even if both will be mic'd up the entire round....

At least not during Football season....

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