Utterly Predictable Urban Meyer and Ohio State are Everything Wrong With College Football

The fact Ohio State University suspended Head Football Coach Urban Meyer for three games was perhaps the least surprising thing that happened in the world of Sports News Wednesday night.

Sure, there were a handful of people who thought after an 8-plus hour meeting to review the outside investigators review of what happened in Meyer's handling of Assistant Coach Zach Smith and the years of documented abuse Smith made his wife Courtney suffer through that the school would actually do the right thing and fire him.

But then College Football happened.....

Late Wednesday night, the committee and Meyer spoke in front of an assembled mass of psychotic fans and reporters and explained the things found in the report.

Meyer was there...and spoke too. Strangely---or not, he apologized to "The Ohio State Community"....but that was pretty much it.

He never once mentioned Courtney Smith or the abuse she suffered at the hands of Zach Smith. Nothing. Just a semi-hollow apology to the football flunkies.

To make matters worse---the report (which you can read HERE) spelled out what happened which in any other business other than College Football, likely would have gotten Meyer fired long before we got to this point for being a piss poor manager.

Among the findings---which are far more troublesome than you might be lead to believe:

---After the initial report of problems in Brett McMurphy's report August 1st, Meyer huddled with his football operations manager to figure out how to clear any text more than a year old off Meyer's phone. Not exactly behavior of an innocent guy....

---Meyer was told by his Athletic Director (also suspended) Gene Smith....to address the issue at hand regarding the Smith's while at Big 10 Media Days. Something Meyer completely ignored...

---Meyer reprimanded Zach Smith in 2014 after Smith spend $600 plus at a Florida Strip Club while on a recruiting trip that may have included high school football coaches...

---Meyer never told Gene Smith (his boss) about Zach Smith's 2009 arrest while at the University of Florida. Zach Smith's charges were later dismissed...but said arrest was all about a domestic assault and involved his wife Courtney...

---No denials regarding Courtney Smith's lengthy text and phone conversations with Shelley Meyer in 2015 (Urban's wife). Urban claimed he knew nothing about said conversations because Shelley claimed she didn't believe Courtney's claims.

There are more---including the surprising claims Meyer allegedly has "Memory Issues" due to medication he's taking. Which should raise quite a few more flags....complete unrelated to this specific incident.

The point here is this: Ohio State was not going to make their Football Coach go away due to all of this despite the clear lack of Title IX enforcement. There is way too much money involved here.

It's not that part that bothers me, it's the College Football world we live in...

I just don't get Meyer's blind faith in a very clearly troubled Zach Smith. Despite numerous run-ins with the law and numerous documented issues with job performance, Urban never seriously considered doing something about the behavior issues.

Which Sports or otherwise is just piss poor management and in this case---could have been a danger to Courtney Smith who finally had gotten out of what clearly had been an abusive relationship.

Yet somehow, instead of someone (outside of Brett McMurphy who should be applauded), stepping in to do something to stop the cycle of abuse in a relationship---the narrative became about Urban Meyer and his football team.

And while yeah, sure, everyone loves a winner---and despite all of the money involved, folks, College Football is at the end of the day---A GAME....

People's lives and well beings should be the FIRST and only consideration in any situation such as this and no, I'm not talking about the people avoiding the issue.

How Urban and Shelley Meyer can live with themselves knowing they could have VERY easily stopped a very obvious Domestic Abuse case is beyond my comprehension. But then again, I'm not a multi-million dollar a year paid College Football coach.....

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