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The NCAA Sort of Changes The Rules for Basketball but Ignore Football

I'm sure the NCAA thought they meant well on Wednesday when they announced rule changes for College Basketball players and their eligibility.

And while the changes made a ton of headlines---they aren't nearly as big a deal as you'd like to think.

They also leave out a BIG detail. None of them address or cover College Football. Which I for one don't understand.

Yeah, sure, College Basketball is about a corrupt a sport as you'll find short of boxing. From shady agents to sneaker companies paying for players to among other things---going to a school where their gear is used, College Hoops has issues. A lot of issues.

In some respects, the legislation is a good thing. It allows kids who announce they want to leave early for the NBA draft the ability to go back to school. It also allows them to have contact or deal with agents during a certain chunk of time. It also allows High School Seniors classified as "Elite" by USA Basketball the ability to contact an agent.

Which would be swell except for this issue--High School Seniors aren't eligible for the NBA draft. That is an issue that may change--but the earliest it could happen--2021. Sigh.......

The new rules also apparently include one stipulating the NCAA can now use Law Enforcement information as part of an organizational investigation without having to verify or conduct their own information. Which my guess is because NCAA investigations often run into roadblocks when that information is needed--but it may just be to protect overworked investigators.

Yet in typical NCAA fashion---this whole thing was announced with zero input from the NBA and zero input from USA Basketball according to a report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and that is troubling. Yet strangely consistent with the NCAA's penchant for not always thinking everything through.

The whole thing also leaves out any mention or reference--at least none that I could find--about College Football.

While College Football doesn't have many of Basketball's problems on the surface, it has many similar issues underneath-- including some mentioned in Wednesday's announcement. Those issues however don't appear to be getting addressed.

Recruiting, because it is now such a big business with so, so many people having a stake in it needs to be better addressed in both sports. College Basketball's problems are so deep and so deeply rooted in money and corruption for everyone but the athlete, this newest set of rules really only brushes the surface.

The bigger issue---at least in my opinion is why this is "Basketball Only" legislation. If you want to put new rules in place--put them in place for everyone/everything. And consult other groups or stakeholders before you announce it.

It would help your Public Relations problems and at minimum make everyone behind the scenes happy.

But then again--the NCAA has rarely---if ever done anything to make themselves look good in the public eye...

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