North Carolina Tar Heel Football Can't Seem to Avoid Trouble

((UNC Football Coach Larry Fedora))

How do you avoid having trouble with the NCAA if you are a College Football team?

Easy, you go to great lengths to make sure your compliance team is acutely aware of everything your players are doing.

Unless it appears---you are the University of North Carolina Tar Heels...

While the basketball team under Coach Roy Williams seem to be impervious to NCAA Investigations, the football team has been on the radar seemingly for the past decade.

They managed to dodge serious penalties after a rather lengthy academic scandal and a slew of charges against former players.

However the most recent transgression---did not escape serious scrutiny.

The Tar Heels are facing 13-players being suspended for multiple games after it was discovered they had sold team issued, Jordan Brand (yes, famous alum Michael) a.k.a Nike gear to others.

Which is um, seriously against NCAA rules...

3 Offensive Linemen, 3 Defensive Linemen, a Linebacker and potential Starting QB Chazz Surratt all were docked 4-games, 4 other players got a one game suspension.

Several of these players were projected starters including Surratt who had some high expectations placed upon him by Coach Larry Fedora after showing some flashes of brilliance as a freshman.

Yes, all the players involved will get to practice with the team and won't miss much other than games. The Tar Heels asked for--and received a waiver allowing them to stagger the suspensions as they claimed it would seriously impact their depth....

Um, ok...

Any way you slice it--it's a bad look for a program already with a reputation for problems. Are these "Major" infractions/issues? No....

But for a team struggling to compete in a highly competitive ACC, it's a big problem. And for a coach who's had moderate but not a highly successful team, it could be a big, big problem if the team doesn't produce this upcoming season.

Juggling this many potential starters with unforced time off could be an indicator Coach Fedora may be on the hot seat...

Or maybe it's just my opinion....

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