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Jerry Jones is Bag of Hot, Loud, Annoying Air....

I've never met Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and maybe---he's a much more level headed nice person than the image he projects.

But I'm a bit skeptical because for reasons I've never totally understood, he's been unable to keep his mouth shut at times when he has no reason to open it.

The latest "Jerry Storm" as most of us know was created when the mercurial Cowboys owner and his son/Team President Stephen told the assembled reporter masses their team would ALL come on the field for the National Anthem during EVERY game or they'd be cut/fired.

Yes, this led to even more hysteria over an issue that had all but gone away. It's an issue owners for reasons perplexing to us all---keep bringing up.

It started this Spring when the league announced out of left field they'd "Adopted a New Anthem Policy" which allowed players to decide whether or not they wanted to come out on the field. The decision was made without input from the players association who was less than thrilled about the surprise.

Of course the announcement drew the ire of "Fearless Leader" who immediately jumped on the opportunity to score political points by criticizing it despite the clear intention of the league to try and placate him. (not possible)

I could go on and on about the seemingly never ending political grandstanding battle over an issue that began as one thing and became about something entirely different but I've droned on about it multiple times in this very place.

This is about Jerr-uh....and his propensity for sticking foot in mouth....

For reasons I still don't understand--the Cowboys consider themselves "Americas Team" despite being a fringe playoff contender for the past decade or so. And because of that---Jerr-uh has decreed his players will show up and be out on the field before the game so they can show their respect....

The statement drew an odd but interesting response with Cowboys QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliot both stating they didn't have a problem with it because Football isn't the place to make social statements, it's for entertainment. Which honestly, I can't totally argue against their point. To some extent, they're not wrong.

But for athletes---is not part of their elevated status the ability to help affect positive change? It seems as though we want them to do that---as long as it stays off the field.

Jerry Jones is however a different issue. The Cowboys owner is everything Texas. He built a gargantuan monument to himself (ATT Stadium) and functions as his teams General Manager---which may or may not explain their continuing mediocrity. He functions as the official mouthpiece for the team and is the only guy outside Coach Jason Garrett and the players who will speak for the team.

Last season---he orchestrated an awkward attempt at showing solidarity with his players by kneeling before a game, locked in arms. This season, he's made his thoughts abundantly clear about the issue---by bringing it back up and drawing the ire of many---who call him a hypocrite.


Let's have WFAA Sports Director and local legend Dale Hanson explain it:

Hanson points it out quite eloquently. For all the "Faux" respect Jones wants---he needs to show it himself. The Cowboys are and have been a team--more so than many others with constant "Off-Field" issues that have largely been overlooked when the player is a good one who contributed to the team.

Jerry himself apparently didn't feel the need to remove his cap during the performance just recently. Despite being asked to do so.

Well, the NFL has decided to weigh in on Jerry's propensity for speaking by telling him to stop talking about the Anthem. No questions, no answers, just stop....

Here's the issue in a much as Jerry can be an asshole and say ludicrous things because he's a rich guy who can do what he wants, he's entitled to do so.

But he needs to live with the repercussions and understand if you are going to make big, broad brushed statements, you need to live what you speak or risk getting called out for it.

Which doesn't affect his right to say it....

NFL Players also have the right to say what they feel and yes, they are well within their rights to make social statements. So many of my friends say "You'd get fired if you protested on your job"....and they are right. But my job is COMPLETELY different than that of a professional athlete.

My job, your job and most everyone else's job is that of a minion, a worker bee. We're the people who make the machine work. And the way the universe is set up---it's hard for us as individuals to affect change whether we speak up or not. We don't work nor have a public voice and are not seen on TV every week or have TMZ and other paparazzi stalking us every where we go.

We don't live our lives in the public eye and if you or I speak out on something---it isn't likely to get a lot of attention.

Someone has to speak for the worker bees, someone has to take a stand if change is ever going to be implemented.

This is somewhat of a political statement here but think about it for a minute---the reason "Fearless Leader" currently occupies the position he does is because the worker bees wanted change---wanted something different. Which I totally get.

But "Fearless Leader" has not delivered anything with the exception of convincing a frightening amount of the worker bees that everything he says is the greatest thing ever and true and everyone checking the validity of what he says are lying despite clear unequivocal evidence everyone else is right.

Change does not come from the top down friends, it starts internally with a small group--with mid level leaders making a strong statement and trickles up. Something the billionaire Jerry Jones's of the world don't understand and don't want.

Jerry, the Players, the NFL and even "Fearless Leader" himself have every right to say whatever they feel is appropriate when it comes to their lives and things they have control over. Don't ever dispute that. You or I may not like what they say---but they have a right to say it.

But if you are willing to stick your neck out and make a bold statement like firing everyone who disagrees with your stance---you better be prepared to back it up.

I'd love to see the Cowboys team make a stand---and none of them come out on the field for the anthem during the 1st game of the season.

That's when we find out if Jerry is a "Man of His Word" or just another bag of hot, loud and annoying air....

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