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Larry Fedora's Comments are Everything Wrong With Football Today

So, riddle me this----

How exactly does the game of Football become "Under Attack" when there is clear evidence presented stating there is an injury problem? How does this "Attack" threaten to cause the "Decline of American Values"?

Ok, well, I guess the answer to question #2 would be it is--at least on a stereotypical basis--a totally "American" thing to do by celebrating injuries, collisions and damage to others in a game.

Yeah, I said it. Accuse me of what ever the hell you want. Prove me me the facts that state un-necessary violence in football is a good thing....

University of North Carolina Head Coach Larry Fedora stuck the proverbial foot in his mouth Wednesday when he backed up a previous statement claiming he Football is "Under Attack" and threatens American Values.

Yes, he really said it.

And then doubled down--though slightly clarified the comments Wednesday at ACC Media Days...

Fedora questioned the legitimacy of CTE investigations while at the same time stating injuries in the game are an issue. He also leaned heavily on the "Decline of Country" statement, telling the assembled masses the game teaches lessons that will be relied on the rest of a players life.

But so does pretty much everything else someone does during their formative years.....

The issue really came up as Fedora questioned the rule changes being brought about this year and over the past few years to try and limit high impact collisions on Special Teams and by defenders targeting or aiming for the heads of helpless offensive players.

The game of Football itself is battling the issue of injuries. Not just CTE, but life altering injuries themselves. I

If you've ever met someone who played football at the College or Professional level, there is a very strong chance they can't walk without pain or help or can't shake your hand without their knuckles or hand cracking from the effort.

Fedora did raise some legitimate points---I don't want this to be totally critical. He did say kids should probably wait until they reach Middle School before playing Tackle Football. That would be a good start to help limit contact injuries while children's bodies are still developing. In fact I'd argue, 7th or 8th grade would be a good time to introduce pads and tackling, allowing time for coaches to instruct players on proper technique which the lack thereof is a leading cause of injury problems.

At the end of the day---yeah, Fedora was way to hyperbolic in what he said. It was his contradictory statements on the effects of head injuries and CTE in the game which is drawing the biggest howls.

You may not like or agree with the idea CTE is a part of football, but it is hard to argue with the evidence. Although I should add these days---facts rarely seem to matter to a certain segment of the population enamored with leaders who deflect and turn those facts on their heads in order to discredit anyone who disagrees with them.

Which is not to say Fedora has an agenda. There are a few decent ideas mixed into what he said.

But until you, he or anyone else comes to grips with the fact there is a ton of injury risk associated with playing football..more so than other sports, there will always be debate and argument.

Coaches will always take the side of watering the game down. A certain segment of fans will always clamor for the violence and collisions. And another segment will start steering kids towards other sports for fear of their child becoming brain damaged or mangled by playing a game where coaches and others don't have a problem with that happening.

My two cents....

What is yours??

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