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College Football Media Days are Pointless Despite the Season Is Drawing Near

For certain segment of the populations---mostly located south of Lexington, Kentucky---it means Football season is about to begin.

SEC "Media Days" kicks off Monday in Atlanta, GA and is the beginning of what amounts to a 10-day endless, breathless parade of College Football players and coaches wandering through Hotel lobbies and gathering in front of assembled masses of writers and TV Crews to spit out generic statements about how they view their upcoming seasons.

It's roughly the equivalent of watching Ants March through an Ant Farm...only the speak when they arrive at the end of their walk.

Yet for reasons I've never understood, despite covering and reporting from SEC Media Days multiple times, fans--at the SEC minions, eat it up.

This year for the first time in its 33-year history, the SEC Event will take place somewhere other than Conference HQ in Birmingham. The reason for the move is twofold: One, over the past 10-years it outgrew it's location at the Wynfrey Hotel. The smallish Hotel/Conference Center butted up to a shopping mall and with well over 1,000 reporters and photographers credentialed along with a 1,000 or so fans that show up, and you had no room to move.

The other reason is TV. Over the past few years, the event went from being well attended to a "Made for TV" event along the lines of Super Bowl Media Days and other big sort-of public events.

The league and its part owner, ESPN realized they could set up live cameras and just televise or live stream everything and people would watch. So yeah, they moved it to a much, much more TV friendly location.

The College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

Now mind, every other FBS (D-1) Conference will hold their version of the same thing. It all wraps on July 25th with the Pac 12. None seem to match the Hoopla and Hype surrounding the Southeastern Conference.

You might be asking: "What's the big deal?", which to be perfectly honest--is a legit question....

Really not much is said. The coaches will parade from room to room--in front of writers and then TV people. Eventually finding their way to Radio Row with a couple of players in tow. All will say how excited they are for the upcoming season and how ready they are to practice.

They'll say great things about the players who aren't there and say great things about the fans.

And then they'll make their way through the assembled fan bases, signing autographs and posing for selfies.

That's it.....

Oh, the writers there will make a big deal about their "Preseason Predictions"---which are rarely if ever correct and they'll name their "Preseason All-Conference Teams"...and the fanbases will eat it up and forget about those picks by the next day.

So, yeah, if you are wondering---I think think the whole dog and pony show is an incredibly elaborate and now profitable waste of time and resources. I've never understood the purpose--particularly the fan interest, but then again, my day, week, month or year doesn't revolve around when my College Football team actually makes a public appearance.

But hey, this does mean the season is about to start. It means practice is about to begin. The first games of the 2018 season start on August 25th, which is coming up soon.

Very soon....

And yeah, I guess as the Producer and sometimes co-host of a College Football Podcast, I probably should be excited....(The OSG on CFB---you can find it on Apple Podcasts Connect/I-Tunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and

So there is that....

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