LeBron to Los Angeles Cements His Legacy as Great but not the Greatest

Things NBA fans now know as they wake up and begin their 4th of July Holiday Week:

--LeBron James is a great basketball player who will now join his 3rd NBA Team, the Los Angeles Lakers

--The Los Angeles Lakers will no longer be as embarrassingly bad as they have been since before Kobe Bryant left them

--The Cleveland Cavaliers and the City of Cleveland have some work to do...

--LeBron James will always be considered ONE of the greatest players in NBA history. But like most in this current era of players, his legacy will be tarnished by the chase for titles with little consideration for said legacy

--Far too many breathless Sports Reporting Outlets have already proclaimed him the new "Greatest Los Angeles Laker...which is a total slap in the face to Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and Kareen Abdul-Jabbar and their legacies...

The fact James left Cleveland to go to L.A is not a surprise. In many, many ways it was a business decision as opposed to a basketball decision. LeBron has consistently increased his presence in the entertainment world with a thriving production company and a fledgling acting career. Both things which would be somewhat restricted by living in Cleveland. And he'll be 34 years old in December as he enters his 16th NBA season.

I get that part and don't fault the logic behind it...

But what I don't get, though I do find a lot of humor in is the closet Lakers fans running out their doors and screaming how great they are.

In a perfect NBA world it makes the Lakers at best, 3rd in the NBA West pecking order. At best. And it does create a universe where LeBron James and Lonzo Ball are currently on the same team. The idea of Lavar Ball mouthing off about this is going to be fun...

It also creates a huge void in the NBA East where LeBron has essentially been on one-man NBA East Finals factory.

We're now looking at a professional sport where one division has a slew of Mercenary All-Star teams and the other division is all young (Boston, Philadelphia--maybe Toronto), unproven teams or teams in the tank hoping to improve in a few years...

Does that make the NBA fun again----No, no it doesn't.

Yeah, sure, a certain faction of fans don't care. You get the marquee matchups of Golden State vs. LeBron in the state of California, which is great for West Coast fans. Add the Houston Rockets into that mix too.

Meanwhile the East Coast fans get Jayson Tatum vs. Joel Embiid, Boston vs. Phily with the winner taking on the Warriors again with little to no chance of winning.

The NBA has chosen the path of "Mega Teams" and tanking teams and nothing really in between. I've harped incessantly about the imbalance of the game and I'm still waiting for someone to explain how it is good for the sport.

How, if you live in Sacramento or Atlanta, Charlotte or Memphis--justify your existence? How do you market yourselves as a Professional Sports franchise with absolutely no chance of winning a title before you play Game #1???

It's a question nobody has the answer to other than to say--that's the way the game goes. And yeah, maybe it does. Maybe having the "Super Powers" draw sellout crowds with lots of "Luxury Suites" sold is good for the whole of the league.

But in my mind, and if you really....REALLY think about it---the whole thing essentially has made the NBA 4 or 5 teams full of Globetrotters and 25 teams of the Washington Generals....

Prove me wrong....

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