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The Baylor Saga is Inexplicably Awful and Getting Worse

Let's just get the declarative statement out of the way--Baylor University's Football program should be shut down.


It doesn't matter if the crazy accusations now being thrown around are totally true, half-true or 1/3 true. If anything in former Athletic Director Ian McCaw's accusations contained in a lawsuit filed by 10 "Jane Doe's" (a.k.a--Sexual Assault Victims) against the University ends up being corroborated, there should be no hesitation to "Shut it Down".


The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in the Waco District Federal Court appears to cobble together a lengthy list of accusations that came up in McCaw's deposition when it came to the original set of Sexual Assault cases and Title IX investigation which resulted in Baylor being penalized by the NCAA.

Deadspin has a good summary which includes a copy of the most recent suit. You can read it HERE

Among the allegations contained in the suit: The school tried to orchestrate a campaign to blame the assault problems on "Black Football Players" and the Title IX problems were isolated to "The Football Team" only.

It also says the Law Firm hired to investigate the problems and provide a detailed report of what the school should do---Pepper/Hamilton, was in on a coverup. Along with the "Board of Regents". McCaw alleges the PR Company hired to help Baylor strongly encouraged McCaw to "Lie" to investigators, something the former Athletic Director says he refused to do.

To be totally honest here, I don't know who is lying, who is telling the truth or who is just batshit crazy in all of this. But what I do know is the allegations are pretty damning.

If anything McCaw is quoted as saying is true, there is one hell of a huge conspiracy afoot. He accuses everyone--from the City of Waco Police Chief to his bosses and everyone else in charge of the school of doing whatever was necessary to keep the gravy train of money flowing to the school.

And in some respects, it makes sense. I always wondered how Baylor, a school with little to no history of athletic success for generations, suddenly became a College Football powerhouse seemingly overnight.

The Bears went 25-years (1986-2011) without cracking the Top 25 and suddenly, under former Head Coach Art Briles they became a National Power.

Of course we know the past couple years, Baylor has had to tear down and rebuild. The Bears haven't been awful, but haven't been the same since the NCAA imposed some penalties limiting what they could do.

But it isn't enough. Has never been enough. I'm not saying I know whether Ian McCaw's allegations are true or not. And I don't know if anyone in the area around Waco is unbiased enough to investigate. But if someone does take a deep dive into what happened and can prove anything McCaw alleges is true, the ax needs to fall. Quickly. Painfully.

What other schools have done to warrant NCAA Penalties runs the gamut of offenses, none that would be on this level. And that thought alone should be enough to do what may need to be done.

Shut it down....

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