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The Buccaneers Appear to Have a Jameis Winston Problem

There have not been a ton of questions about the NFL Quarterbacking talent of Tampa Bay Buccaneer QB Jameis Winston over 3-year NFL career.

While not a dominating "Elite" QB at this point, statistically he has been decent despite playing on some very mediocre teams.

That being said, there HAVE been a ton of questions regarding Winston's off-the field exploits and whether he's the "Right" guy to be the face of an NFL franchise.

Perhaps the biggest question is the one he currently faces---though nothing has been made official at this time.

Winston let it be know he's facing a potential 3-game suspension at the beginning of the 2018 season on the heels of an investigation regarding something that allegedly happened with an Uber driver in 2016.

The Uber driver accused Winston of reaching over and "Grabbing her crotch" while they sat at a Phoenix area restaurant drive-thru window.

The driver did not file official "Charges" though she did register a complaint with Uber about what she said happened. It didn't become public until she spoke to Buzz Feed News about the incident.

In a bit of an ironic twist--the driver has an attorney representing her, John Clune. This is the same Clune who represented a Florida State University student who accused Winston of attacking her. (Long story---look it up)

Now, all that being said, Winston has not been charged with a crime. He's not been arrested nor has he been sued regarding this. (To the best of my knowledge) The NFL is "Investigating" the incident as an issue that had not been reported to them or to the Buccaneers.

Word leaked out Thursday the NFL was preparing to suspend him. It came from a Sports Talk Radio host in Tallahassee and has not been denied by anyone involved. And if it comes to pass will hurt the Buccaneers who are trying to rebuild and become competitive again in the loaded NFC South.

Yet questions abound: Already a Tampa Bay columnist is calling for the Bucs to get rid of Winston. Would they get rid of the most talented QB they've had in a long, long time? It's an interesting question.....

With the #MeToo atmosphere currently surrounding any allegations of Sexual Assault it begs the question and I suspect the teams reaction will likely be based on the wording of the NFL Investigation.

Winston for all of his immature warts, appears to have been very active in the Tampa community with charitable events as most NFL Players are.

But does the incident create a blowback for the Buccaneers? Do they or does Winston take the PR hit if the suspension holds? Should they "Get Rid" of him over this? Not taking sides in large part because I have no way of knowing all the details it will be difficult to imagine there being a huge blowback calling for his job.

Without criminal charges or a Civil Suit, it is very hard to say if indeed the Assault happened. There is no reason to doubt the Uber drivers account of what happened and Winston's account of it has, vague to say the least.

To me, without charges, how do you call for someone to have their career essentially terminated? It's a tricky question based mostly on Public Relations. If there is a big community blowback, the Bucs have a difficult decision ahead of them, if there isn't, the decision becomes much, much easier.

To steal a quote---Only time will tell.....

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