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What the Heck is a "Power Ranking" and Why Should Anyone Care?

So...we now live in a universe where "Power Rankings" are reported not only on the National Websites....but local newspapers report on them.


What the heck is a "Power Ranking" and why should anyone care?

I believe the term is used when a Sports Reporting organization (website/network/talk radio) consults their own staff to see who they believe are the best teams at any given time.

And hey, I get it, you have to create content to keep people talking during the offseason.....

But really---what do these "Rankings" tell you?

About the same thing as a "Mock Draft" does. NOTHING.....

It's bad enough when for example 60 or so games into the baseball season, you see teams being "Power Ranked"....

Yeah, sure, you can surmise by looking at the standings Houston, The Yankees and Red Sox are really, really good.

But how many of these "Polls" saw the Atlanta Braves coming this season? Anyone?

The Braves started the season ranked as a "Bottom 5" team in all the polls. They now possess the National Leagues best record.

What is almost comical---when you see stuff like this:

Look at the date---May, the season doesn't start until September. Even then you don't know who might get injured in the preseason. You don't know who might get cut or traded. You have ZERO idea how well some rookies might play.

Yet you list the teams in the order YOU believe they are from best to worst. And mind you I'm not taking a shot at Pete Prisco here, he's a very good columnist/writer. Who's having to feed the News Monster.

Same thing here: I'm not taking a direct shot at ESPN, their muddled confusing and god awful website has to do whatever it can to get eyeballs, I get it. If it means throwing stuff out there to get people to say (a) is better than (b)...well, who am I to argue with them?

And really, I can't totally argue with the headline here (I refuse to pay to be an "Insider") does however take the fun out of guessing who might or might not be good in 2018.

Sure, I get it, this column makes me sound like the neighborhood grumpy old man. I understand that and I know full well why things like "Power Rankings" exist.

But the fact they exist is NOT the issue. My issue is when they get reported locally. How does one breathlessly report "" thinks (insert team here) will be a top team this year? How do you rationalize if you're a fan---by bitching when you think a website doesn't rank your the early part of the season, as highly as you want them too.

Who the F*&! cares?? In College Football---you have to win your Conference Championship in most cases to have a shot at the title. Period. (Yes, there are exceptions). Baseball is a frigging marathon, unless you have a 24 game lead at the end of June, it doesn't MATTER where you are in the Power Rankings.

Same thing for the other sports.

If you want to sit there and try to convince some folks you are the best person to judge how good or bad your team is---go for it. I get it. It's why Message Boards, Sports Talk Radio and the 8.3 million ESPN TV Time killer shows exists.

It's also why Bottom of the Troll Barrel things like the Fox Sports show featuring Super Troll Skip Bayless exist. Same thing with the screaming actor Stephen A. Smith on ESPN. I get it. You gotta get the natives riled up somehow.

Just please stop insulting my intelligence by passing this off as some sort of "Breathtaking" , inside look at who REALLY is the best team in any sport.

You don't know--you're just guessing....and yes, so am I....

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