Social Media can be Evil, just ask Bryan Colangelo

By now if you follow the NBA you know about the sudden, dramatic fall of now former Philadelphia 76ers Team President Bryan Colangelo.

It may very well be the penultimate example of WHY Social Media is dangerous. It gives people the feeling of unlimited power and confidence to say things they wouldn't normally say to, well, anyone's face.

Yes, Colangelo lost his job because it was discovered by THE RINGER, there were not one, but 4 Twitter accounts that sounded and came across as odd--because they took shots at (a) The 76ers players and (b) with information only a team executive could have.

Ben Dietrick of The Ringer didn't come out and accuse Colangelo of operating the accounts, but presented a lengthy, well researched and detailed story which connected the dots.

It was enough to convince the 76ers to start an internal investigation which came to a conclusion on Thursday.

But like everything else on the internet--there was a pretty good evidence trail leading back to the Colangelo household.....

In case you're wondering--Barbara Bottini is Colangelo's wife.

The whole thing came to a conclusion Thursday afternoon when the 76ers announced Colangelo would be "Resigning"....which was essentially do it or be fired...

The crazy part of this is Colangelo continued and still continues to deny the accounts and placed total and complete blame on his wife saying he had "No Knowledge" of the activity....

Needless to say the guy has some serious issues to deal with. Nobody in their right minds believes his wife was posting insider information about the Sixers, players and their issues without his knowledge. The obvious question would be: How would she know this if he didn't tell her?

Was their relationship one where they didn't communicate about basic day-to-day life issues? If you are married, do you believe your wife would do such a thing and not tell you anything about it? either...

Needless to say--Twitter has brought down another person. It has reduced a highly respected NBA Executive with a brilliant career and with his best years still ahead of him down.

All because he thought he could do something on the side to take care of grudges and other issues that he couldn't address to someone face-to-face...

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