Watching NBA Finals This Year is a Waste of Time

Let's just get this one out there---The NBA Finals are not fun to watch this year. It's a foregone conclusion as to who is going to win and honest to goodness not worth my time or your time to watch.

The Golden State Warriors are going to win again. The Cleveland Cavaliers despite having the best player on the planet are not going to win.

It doesn't matter what LeBron James does. The Warriors have 2 of the Top 10 players in the game and arguably 4 of the Top 20. It is a mismatch and no fun to watch.

If you want to watch a fun Professional Sport Final series, watch the NHL Stanley Cup Finals between Washington and Las Vegas. Granted that one may end after Game 5 too, but it is a lot more entertaining and there's no guarantee the Capitals will win.

Yet all the hype, all the conversation and all the Sports discussion these days revolve around the NBA. And honestly, the talk isn't about the Warriors, everyone knows they'll win.

Instead of the competition, instead of the games themselves we get to hear about the teams not going to the White House or every and anyone capable of finding a GIF or Meme on the Internet making fun of either (a) J.R. Smith or (b) LeBron.

Honestly we've not heard much about the Warriors, a team built to do exactly what they're doing. Winning.

Between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, it is virtually impossible to stop them. If Klay Thompson is hitting his shots, game over.

The Warriors play just enough defense and know full well you can't outscore them. They're big enough and athletic enough to make it impossible for a Cavaliers team with one Great player and a bunch of other sometimes decent players to win.

But yet people are still watching. Here in Atlanta, home of the OSG Sports team, the games are averaging Double Digits in the TV ratings. While the NHL grabs a 1 or 2 if they're lucky.

My meandering point/argument here is this: Why are you watching the NBA Finals, why are you paying attention to them?

Do you care about watching games that are essentially over before they're played? Are the Warriors that entertaining to you?

Or are you watching to find things to make fun of and mock?

My guess is the latter....