How did the NFL Become a Political Football?

Should we feel pity for the poor, powerless NFL as the league continues to be played by politicians looking to score cheap pops with their supporters?

It's a question again rearing its ugly head on the heels of Monday's decision by Fearless Leader to "Disinvite" the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles to a "Celebration" at the White House, not because the team didn't want to come--but because the entire team wasn't coming.

If anyone thinks this wasn't a political stunt on the politicians part---you have your head in the sand or live in some sort of alternate universe.

Mind you, I'm not totally being empathetic to the NFL---particularly NFL owners who've have made their choice about who they are willing to pander to. The Billionaire Boys Club made their bed, it is now time to lie in it.

But I'm very disappointed for the players who've decided to make a stand and statement on multiple levels and are getting abused for doing exactly what people wanted them to do not so very long ago.

Get involved. Be involved. Use their platforms to help bring about social change.

Go look at your social media feeds from back around 2010 or so, chances are most of you wanted athletes to be role models and help bring about positive change in their communities.

They are doing that. Way more than most of you probably realize. Most are very conscious of their roles and how they can impact kids and society in general. Almost every single professional athlete these days has a charity of choice and will do any and everything they can to help.

Which is more than ANY current politician can say. And some of you want the athletes to stop speaking out....


((ed. note: Lots of you will not like this part where I express MY opinion. You don't have to agree, I'm not asking you to. And NO, MY opinion does NOT translate into my day job performance in any way, shape or form---while I may not like or agree with certain things, I am obligated to present both views professionally and let you decide what you think))

This weeks bitch fest is plain stupid. If Fearless Leader doesn't want to honor or respect people who stand their and slobber on his feet about how amazingly awesome he thinks he is, then we need to stop having the ceremonies. If he won't respect the tradition of honoring sports teams that don't agree with him, then NO sports team should show up at his disrespectful door.

If the small contingent of Eagles willing to come to the White House (including star QB's Carson Wentz and Nick Foles) wasn't enough to make Fearless Leaders narcissistic, egomaniacal ass happy, NO SPORTS TEAMS SHOULD EVER GO SEE HIM.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nobody.

Time to put a stop the showing of the Presidential Jersey for ALL Sports. Time for the photo op of teams standing in the Rose Garden to stop for good. Don't do it. Don't ever do it again. Make a stand NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Make a stand College Sports teams. Communicate with each other and make a united stand. You are being used.

I've made my thoughts I think pretty clear over the object of Fearless Leaders chagrin. Kneeling for the anthem. The issue that has gone from a respectful protest to a loud argument about righteous indignation.

Until said protests---done to bring attention to the fact there is a HUGE issue with police and how they deal with people of color---are spoken of for what they are, not what Politicians want them to be---then the two sides should NEVER, EVER mix.

Unfortunately the NFL Ownership has played right into Political hands by recently enacting an "Anthem Policy" which never needed to be enacted. And Ownership admitted it was done solely to pacify the guy with the biggest Political job title.

By giving in and again stirring a pot that had finished and been settled, the owners brought something that was not going to be an issue in 2018 back to the forefront.

And as big as the NFL is, they cannot win a semantic, symbolic or any other kind of war with a Politician/Game Show Host who has a running vendetta against them because they wouldn't let him be part of their club a few years ago.

It continues to amaze me in an odd, but fascinating way how the guy has somehow convinced a frighteningly large percentage of the public that everything he says or does is the absolute truth and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

This despite clear and indisputable facts he's lying to the face of those same people---it doesn't seem to matter. When called out about the lies, he just turns it back in the face of those calling him out. It's like a real life version childhood rhyme of "I'm Rubber, your Glue everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you".

Blind faith is a dangerous, dangerous path and a path all of us are currently on. So many don't see it. So many don't care. It scares the crap out of me. And should scare you....

For all the power, influence, money and TV ratings dominance the mega-billionaire NFL Owners think and thought they had, even they can't overcome the power of Blind Faith. It's a lot like the Avengers vs. Thanos, in Avengers Part 4. Eeerily like it....

Which is why the battle between politics and the NFL already has been lost---and it doesn't really matter what the NFL does or says anymore. They've been rendered powerless and arguably reduced to a pile of dust blowing in the wind....