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Why is Nick Saban so Hypocritical of Graduate Transfers?

Sorry Nick Saban, you can't have your cake---and the ability to eat it too.

The reason I say this is simple. Saban stepped into the deep morass of College Football's pile of bullshit on Tuesday when he went on record at the SEC Spring Meetings advocating yet again for full control over Graduate Transfers.

The question came up and has been an issue the past couple months when word came out Saban was willing to allow Graduate Transfer student Brandon Kennedy to transfer but not the ability to go to ANY school Alabama would play in 2018.

Yes, that's right he graduated in 3-years, something that should be applauded by everyone.

The NCAA is indeed considering lifting the rule mandating players needing Coaches permission and allowing Coaches to put restrictions on player movement. They are expected to approved a change allowing players to simply notify coaches of their intent to transfer.

It is not difficult to see why Saban is trying to make the issue he is. He's trying to protect himself from a player who might disclose Alabama's tendencies, plays and other things. I get that.

And I don't have a problem with an underclassman who has not finished classes and is not a graduate having to sit out a year if wanting to transfer. Hopefully this rule will remain in place.

But a student who finishes their class work should be able to do whatever they want. Wherever they want. And coaches should have no say so in the matter.

College Football coaches are the same group of people who've never met a contract they felt obligated to complete.

Think about it....

During the College Coaching Carousel season in December, Coaches leave at their whim and fancy if someone waves a better deal in front of them. It matters not if they have time left on their contracts or what the "Buyout" is, they just pick up and leave. Without having to ask the players or for that matter, their bosses. They just say "Bye"...

Heck, Saban didn't stop his top assistant, Kirby Smart from leaving to go to Georgia, so why should it matter to him? Smart was far more versed in the modus operandi of the Crimson Tide then Kennedy could ever possibly be.

So why should he care where his backup center transfers?

As much as I hate it, College Football is a big business now. You can also easily say that if a player finishes classes before using up eligibility, you can turn professional or be done. At that point, leaving to go play somewhere else even though you've got a degree makes you a bit of a mercenary.

Which the end of the day is what players and most coaches have become in College Football these days anyway, right?

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