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Remember When NFL Players Didn't Come On To The Field Until AFTER The Anthem

Does anyone currently above the age of 15 remember anything that happened before last year? I'm serious....what on god's green earth happened to the idea of "Long Term Memory?"

All the bluster and hyperbole by breathless News Reporters and Moronic Politicians over the NFL and the National Anthem leaves out an incredibly important detail.


I'm guessing because it is something that occurred in a bygone era. Or what the rest of us would call the previous decade and before that.

There are numerous "Internet" or "Facebook Memes" stating it all changed in 2009 because the Department of Defense starting paying the NFL large amounts of money to have the players on the field as a "Patriotic" salute.

Which according to fact checking website Snopes....isn't EXACTLY true...but not far off either...

Read their full analysis HERE

Here are a couple of KEY POINTS:

And at the end of the day---the actual answer to the question that nobody appears willing to look up or ask:

This is why I'm so angry and don't understand why the whole "Protest" and "Politicizing" of this issue is a thing today in 2018.

Instead of quietly going back to the old rules...all 75 years or so of them which never required NFL Players to be on the sidelines for the National Anthem, the NFL decided to cave in to completely ignorant political pressure.

I challenge you if you're reading this full story to find an example when a News Outlet or Opinion Network actually did enough research to learn about ANY of this. I challenge you to explain to me why this is even an issue or should be an argument.

So many people are saying this about the NFL telling players stand or face the consequences: "If my employers makes a rule, I have to live with it, what's the difference?" The difference is.....there ISN'T or at least WASN'T a rule.

Why the NFL just doesn't roll things back to the way they were is beyond me. Why they felt the need to address the players kneeling as a form of protesting racial injustice and made it political is mind boggling.

Do the players bear some of the blame? Yeah, they do. For all the good intentions they did a horrible job of publicizing the message. There was no eloquent spokesperson to convince people their cause had nothing to do with politics.

But in the past two years---it appears EVERYTHING is about politics. And everyone takes a side and refuses to understand or listen to what the other has to say. There are less than ZERO reasons rational, productive discussions about the Social Issues and perceptions should have taken place.

Yet they didn't.

Rather than put people on both sides of this in a room and say work out an understand it, the issue got fought--and argued on TV and in politics. And despite me being a journalist and always willing to stick up for good journalism, we've dropped the ball too.

Let's find a reporter willing to explain how we got to this point. Someone with a more powerful voice than me to explain this is much ado about nothing, red meat waved in front of a rabid dog audience. Because for all the Social Media arguments and people with faux outrage about the whole thing---this is an easily resolved problem, something that could easily be resolved.

If only everyone was willing to recall a bit of history and respectfully listen to what the other side actually had to say....

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