The NFL Bringing Up Kneeling Again is a Really Bad Idea

There are times in life where it is best to just let something drift off and become a footnote in history or on Wikipedia. Professional Football players kneeling during the National Anthem is one of those things.

The issue haunted the NFL in 2016 and through most of 2017 after Fearless Leader and the Ministry of Propaganda (Fox News) decided they'd make the idea of making a statement about racial inequality into a argument/debate about Politics and Patriotism.

Yeah, sure, the issue occasionally bubbles back up when players like former San Francisco 49ers Safety Eric Reid, now a free agent, struggles to get a job interview with pretty much the entire league. Reid was one of the first players to join former 49ers teammate and QB Colin Kaepernick who hasn't played in the NFL since he first began protesting to bring attention to a series of racially involved Police vs. Black Suspect incidents.

The issue comes up again when the NFLPA's collusion lawsuit on behalf of Kaepernick, the guy who started the whole thing comes up in the News.

And unfortunately, the NFL Owners have brought it up yet again at their Spring Meetings this week in Atlanta.

Among the multitude of issues discussed at those meetings---what to do if players kneel again for the anthem......

Team owners are petrified at the possibility Fearless Leader will again Tweet about it and the Ministry of Propaganda will again start talking about players as "Anti-American" leading to a revolt amongst the fan base. And to be honest---it is a legitimate concern.


With the issue all but devolving into a "non-issue" in 2018, welp, it came up again Tuesday. Word came out of Tuesday's meetings stating the NFL was considering a proposal that would (A) Allow teams to decide whether they'd come on to the field for the Anthem and (B) if so, would impose a 15-yard penalty on the opening kickoff if someone kneeled during the performance.

(Note--until 2009, teams did not come on to the field before the National Anthem was performed. But a frightening amount of people seem incapable of remembering back that far in history)

Despite this discussion taking off and causing panic among those on Sports Social Media, the owners have not made any sort of decision about how to deal with it.

Yet the league for some reason feels the need to address the issue. After the fact.

I wonder if the thought process is "If we do this, people will like us again". Or if it is just their way of pandering to The Ministry of Propaganda and Fearless Leader who gets all his information from said Ministry?

I don't totally understand why the league and its owners feel the need to bring this back up again, why go there? They've also gone to great lengths to say they are going to devote money to players Social Causes, which is great. But why make a production out of that.

Sometimes you're better served just doing something than talking about it. There are tons of times you just can stop talking about an issue and it will run its course and go away.

This is one of those times.

But alas, when it comes to Public Relations, the NFL often can't get out of its own way. And the Owners, a largely white-bred group of out of touch billionaires don't understand the thought process of the common man.

Both are problems that need to be fixed and fixed quickly if the NFL wants to stay King of All Professional Sports--a title they currently hold, but the hold is become more and more tenuous by the day....