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The NBA Draft Lottery is a Stupid, Colossal Waste of Everyone's Time

If you sat in front of your television and spent an hour watching the "NBA Draft Lottery" show, congratulations---you have no life or you were completely bored and didn't realize the show was on your television.

The incredibly overhyped pointless event took place Tuesday night--pushing back the start time of the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals Game 2 between Cleveland and Boston back a full hour.


Well, you'd have to ask ESPN and the NBA who have decided to make something that is baffling to most and boring to many more a "Made for TV" event. Like most of said events---the producers decided to wait until the end of said hour before revealing the draft order.

Yeah, sure, I get draft position being something very important to a Professional Sports team. It could potential make them a completely different and better team depending on whom they choose.

Makes sense.

But here's my question and why I think the "Lottery" is stupid.....

How hard is it to just award the team with the worst record the first pick? The second worst record the second pick and so on and so forth??

In other words--the same process every single other professional sport with a draft uses....

The NBA introduced the "Lottery" 23-years ago in 1985 under the premise of keeping the bad teams from deliberately tanking in order to get the first pick.

In other words it was created to prevent exactly what is currently and been happening for the past oh, decade or so.

So why keep it?

The other argument is to keep good teams from making trades to get the pick of a bad one. Why? If you run a poor team and make a trade giving up your 1st round draft pick, that's your problem. Don't make the trade.

Cynics and Twitter trolls complain on a regular basis the whole system is rigged despite the NBA stating they take great pains to protect it.

Why bother?

Just kill the thing. It's a needless and pointless exercise which just wastes the time of everyone involved. Yeah, sure ESPN positions the show on a game night as a lead in to the game which means a certain amount of people will tune in regardless.

Yet instead of killing the whole thing, the NBA keeps adding more twists, more rules and changes the "Chances" of winning.

Which is again---a waste of time and insult to our collective intelligence....

If I own a problem team that say goes 12-71, clearly finishing with the worst record in the NBA, I would expect to be awarded the first pick. But that isn't always what happens.

In 2014, the team with the 9th worst record, the Cleveland Cavaliers somehow got the 1st pick. In 2011 it was the Clippers, with the 8th worst record getting the Golden Ticket.

Which is why the Internet Conspiracy theorists think the whole thing is rigged....

I ask you NBA, please stop insulting us with your half-assed, lame attempt at alleged "Fairness" in the draft process. You've adopted a model that is in this day and age of tanking---completely outdated, useless and stupid.

But each May---we get the same dog and pony show with a parade of circus characters coming out to represent teams, sitting there hoping their ping-pong ball shows up in the right place.

Please make it stop.....

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