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Will Sports Gambling Change the way you look at Games?

By now if you are a Sports Fan you probably know the Supreme Court decided on Monday to allow individual States to decide whether or not they want to allow Sports Gambling.

The decision reverses a 1992 law that prohibited gambling Nationwide on Sporting events. Though really, there were plenty of opportunities, exemptions and betting still going on.

Monday's decision was push alerted by every journalistic outlet available and all over the web because the decision, despite the underground betting markets--changes a lot of things.

Five states already had or have laws in place or about to be voted on, allowing the markets to immediately open up. Professional teams, the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf and so many others have been preparing for this for years. That doesn't even count NCAA football.

You can expect some changes on your TV Broadcasts and shows--though many already talk about point spreads etc during their broadcasts. The leagues already have gone on record saying they want a cut of the money--which could be highly profitable to them as there already are millions of 20-50 year olds who bet on Sports events on a regular basis.

But what changes with this?

As I mentioned, you'll likely see crawls and graphics with point spreads on them. If you are one of the few remaining viewers of Sports Center, you'll probably see them talk more about odds and spreads with "Betting Experts". It likely won't change your local broadcast much---but you never know.

Mind you I'm not a gambler. I'm terrible at betting and the "Point Spread" doesn't mean much to me. I like my money too much to fritter it away trying to guess who's going to win a game and by how much or any of the side wagers.

But there are millions upon millions who will. Both professional and college sports have a track record of betting lines and gambling infringing upon and influencing outcomes of games. Which is my problem with all of this.

Athletes, coaches and teams have enough pressure on them without having to deal with crazed bettors upset because a last second score changed the spread and cost them money. Heck, just monitor Sports Twitter during an NFL game to watch how many people go ballistic when their Fantasy Football players have a bad game or don't score as much as those people thought.

You're looking now at a world where they'll be more, not less whining and complaining about athletes not reaching bookie assigned goals. Heck, Colleges have and continue to have issues with 20-year olds betting Mom and Dad's money on games. The NCAA is probably the most vulnerable of all the sports to the pressures of Sports Gambling.

For all the "Promises" it will be "Regulated" and teams will be insulated from those outside pressures---I just don't see how that can be enforced.

For all the Movie cliche's about a mobster or gambler paying a player to make sure the point spread stays in place---it makes things difficult to imagine a world where it couldn't or wouldn't happen.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I've just seen too many movies. Maybe since I'm not a gambler I don't understand or get how this is such a good thing.

I'm by no means a prude or one of those uptight "Religious Zealots" who think the world is an innocent and pure place. It isn't.

But I think (my opinion) there are far too many downsides to outweigh the good here. This is pure and simple a money grab by most everyone involved and unfortunately the world we now live in encourages that whether it leaves people's lives in the rubble and ruin...

Or not....

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