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Why So Much Consternation Over Becky Hammon Interviewing for NBA Head Coaching Job?

Why are so many people nervous, angry, worried or just plain concerned that San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coach Becky Hammon is interviewing for the job of Head Coach for the Milwaukee Bucks?

Really....I"m serious, what is the big deal? It's not like she isn't qualified....

She's been on the Spurs staff since 2014. In 2015, she was the Head Coach for the Spurs Summer League team made up mostly of rookies and free agents in the Las Vegas Summer League. Yes, she was the first woman to be a Head Coach in the Summer League.

Her Spurs won the League Championship....

In 2016, Hammon was an Assistant for the West Team in the NBA All-Star team.

In 2017---she got an Interview opportunity with the Bucks for their then open General Manager position. And while she didn't get it, those are the interviews that get you the experience needed for bigger jobs.

She obviously made an impression on someone with the Bucks as she's now under consideration for the Bucks open Head Coaching job. Something that appears to have perplexed a disappointing amount of Sports Journalists along with the usual number of Twitter Troll suspects.

The criticism flew fast enough that one of Hammon's players, Pau Gasol felt the need to speak up and explain just how good a coach Hammon is and why she's a no-brainer choice for a Head Coaching job.

You can read it from the Players Tribune HERE

For those of you who aren't familiar with the NBA's history with Coaches, it might explain at least a little as to why there's so much consternation.

The NBA, more than most any other professional sport has had a weird issue with Head Coaches. It's almost some sort of unspoken tradition kind of thing that if you've been a Head Coach once, you'll always be eligible for a job.

Years ago, guys like Gene Shue, Dick Motta, Stan Albeck, Kevin Loughery made careers out of getting Head Coaching jobs only get fired after their teams under performed. Not a single one of those guys who coached between 1975-2000 finished their careers with a .500 winning percentage. All had at least 5 different coaching jobs.

My point is this---who gives a shit whether Becky Hammon is a woman or not? Why should it matter? Really, someone---anyone give me one good reason a woman can't be an NBA Head Coach? Just one legitimate reason....

Yeah, I thought so.

Maybe Hammon doesn't get the Bucks job. Hopefully the team hires the person they feel best qualified for the job. Without Head Coaching experience, it's understandable if a coach without that experience doesn't get the job. But I will add the NBA has been exceptional, particular over the past decade of giving people the opportunity to step up and run franchises.

The list is a long one with more successes than failures. If I'm the Bucks, what can it hurt if they feel Hammon can win games? Yeah, sure, there will be WAYYYY too much made over her being a woman...but at the end of the day either she can do the job or she can't. And much like most every other profession, Coaching has a way of filtering out the distinction....

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