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Why are we already seeing 2019 NFL Mock Drafts?

For those of you who tell my I'm a negative cynic because I think the NFL Draft Coverage/Hype is stupid....I give you this....

Yes, that's right. "Experts" are already putting out Mock Drafts for next year.

Yeah, the guy from Bleacher Report at least got the first part of his headline correct---it IS "Way too early".

If you want proof so-called NFL Draft Experts have carved out a career for themselves in the current environment, look no further.....The 2018 season hasn't even been played. Nobody knows where teams will finish and what players may get hurt or decide to retire or even get traded in the interim.

I have no problem admitting I watched part of the 1st Round of this years draft. No problem at all. It was interesting to watch....

Why? Because it reinforced my correct charge that none of the "Experts" have any idea what they're talking about. None of them got a "Mock Draft" right. Not even close.

I think I saw one writer claim he got 5 1st round picks right....I'm not believing him, but it is the largest number of correct picks I've seen.

NFL "Mock" Drafts are a side business in the world of Sports that's grown exponentially, much like College Recruiting services. Both build up expectations, drum up conversation and get the insane edges of the fan base wound up at the thought of their favorite team grabbing some sort of cross between Jesus and Herschel Walker.

For all the jokes people make about Meteorologists (Weather People on TV) not being able to nail the weather forecast everyday, none of the "Draft Experts" get called out for their inability to pick pretty much anything correctly.

To their defense--I will say they have no way of knowing who is going to trade with whom to move up or down in the draft and they can't really tell which GM is bullshitting them about their intentions or not.

Which is why the whole exercise is maddeningly stupid.

But hey, what do I know. I don't claim to be a draft expert or a recruiting expert and really other than a pretty good memory and basic of understanding of how the sports world works after covering it for a couple decades, I'm not an expert in anything. I just use a platform available to anyone who wants it to express my opinion.

Shoot---the Draft this year drew more viewers than it has in a long, long time. It was on no less than 4-different networks and while no one TV network drew astronomical viewership, combined it made for the most watched event in years.

At the end of the day, it is really what the NFL cares about. If it means putting up with a year long list of speculation by writers who don't know any better to build up the hype for an event that pays off with record viewership, they're good with it.

In a world where game viewership has been dropping precipitously due to over exposure and a shitty product...anything that comes off as a positive is something the Shield will take....and run with.

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