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Do you REALLY Care the NFL Draft Will Finally Happen This Week?

Maybe its because I live in the South where College Football is king. Maybe its because I'm just tired of seeing 6-months of "Mock" drafts speculating which teams will draft specific players. Or maybe its because almost every single one of those "Mocks" will be totally and completely wrong.

The draft is an alleged ritual at the end of every April where grown men now make a living trying to analyze and break down the strengths and weaknesses of College Players getting ready to make the next step to a Professional Career.

Which is all well and good---but I submit to you this is an exercise in futility. All NFL Draft hype focuses around "Quarterbacks" and for NFL Scouts--it is the one position they seem to know nothing about.

This years hype train goes to Josh Allen, late of Wyoming. Allen is a 21-year old, 6-5. 223 pound quarterback who is skipping his senior season to make the jump. A surprisingly large amount of the "Alleged" experts believe he'll be the first pick.

Allen checks all the NFL stereotypes for quarterback. Tall, white and can throw the ball half a mile and has at least marginally decent foot speed. He played at Wyoming a Bowl Subdivision team but not a traditional NCAA powerhouse. The Cowboys won 8 games each of the past two seasons.

He's drawn comparisons to Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz who's had great success at the NFL level. Both played for a coach, Craig Bohl, regarded as one of College Football's best offensive minds. The biggest difference---Wentz won a couple national titles at North Dakota State with Bohl, Allen won the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in 2017.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the draft is NOT an exact science. A handful of guys picked in the first round will go on to successful NFL careers, most will at least spend some time on an NFL roster.

But it is NOT a harbinger of change. It's not what the prognosticators and people paid a lot of money to speculate on TV and the Internet want you to think. One player will not likely change the history of your team.

If you really want to know how much of a crapshoot it is---Just look at the Cleveland Browns who seemingly have had a top pick for a decade. They've picked guys like Trent Richardson, Barkaveious Mingo, Johnny Manziel and Brandon Weeden.

Which is the exact reason why you should not lose sleep, freak out or spend your life in slavish devotion to whom your team picks.

The NFL wants you to be slobbering by the time Thursday night rolls around and their teams commence to drafting players. 30-years ago, it was just a bunch of scouts gathered in a large room exchanging index cards for about 12 or so hours on one day.

Now the event is spread out over not one but 3 days, with round one Thursday night--the second and third round on Friday night and everything else Saturday.

If you choose to watch it---good on ya, heck, if I'm home I'll probably tune in for a few minutes on Thursday night. And yeah, I'll read about it through the weekend wondering who my Miami Dolphins and the local Atlanta Falcons picked.

And then on Sunday, my life will go on as normal and I won't think about it again until the draft hype for 2019 begins.

In May.....

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