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Can Someone Explain How or Why NFL Schedule Day is a Thing?

So, were you among the apparent many who spent their day Thursday anxiously scanning social media and watching TV to find the "Schedule" for your favorite NFL Team?

I have a simple question for you.....


There are a lot of things in the world of sports that don't make sense to me, but I just accept them as being part of the process. However, the "Hype" around "Schedule Day", I don't understand that at all.

All "Schedule Day" does---is tell you the dates of your particular games. You already know who your playing. You already know which teams your team is playing at home and which teams they are playing on the road.

Your designated opponents have been known since the end of January.

But all credit to the NFL...or ESPN...or whomever made this a "Thing". (pretty sure it was ESPN)..

The hype building to their "Schedule" announcement the week before the NFL draft pretty much is a primer to get excited for a draft---which by the way somehow has become a year around thing too.

But about "Schedule Day".....

I get the importance of it from one aspect....planning.

Knowing the dates of games provides the fan who will either attend the home or away game--time to plan for it. And considering the ungodly expensive, hefty price of season tickets...or having to by a ticket on the secondary market (of course NFL branded)...knowing these dates give you time to save money.

And yeah, I get it. I kind of answered my own question as I write this. The answer is it became a "Thing" when ESPN and/or The NFL realized they can produce TV specials and build anticipation by promotion and making it a "Marquee" event.

Kind of like what happened to the NFL Draft. The Draft has always to some extent been a "Thing"....but it used to be a one day event with little buildup outside the month of April.

Now you cannot go a month without someone on some website or Sports TV show proclaiming and promoting their latest "MOCK DRAFT"....

I'm pretty sure we're on version 9 of Mel Kiper Jr's "Mock" and version 12 or 15 of some other expert on CBS Sports or SB Nation or some other Sports Website.

And yet people apparently read them. Live and breathe these things.

There are a slew of "Draft" experts who do nothing but make "Projections" of who would be a good fit for which team.

None of them are EVER right.

Yeah, sure, they might nail the 1st pick of the draft and sometimes the Top 5...but after that, nope. Nothing. Nada. Its a total crapshoot/guess. They can't predict trades or the outcome of said trades. They can't accurately say what one team might do. They get one wrong and the whole "Mock" comes tumbling down. gets people to read and it gets people to watch.....

And at the end of the day, its all that matters, isn't it?

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