How is Reuben Foster Still a San Francisco 49er?

There are times when you have to be reminded being a professional athlete is a privilege, not a right....

This is one of those times....

The NFL---or at least one of its teams still haven't learned that Domestic Assault Charges, severe ones at that are a bad thing. A very, very bad thing.

San Francisco 49ers LB Reuben Foster was formally charged Thursday with FELONY Domestic Violence, possession of an assault weapon and forcefully preventing a victim from reporting a crime after a February incident.

Not a "New" incident, one that happened in February and involved his then "Live-In" girlfriend who he allegedly punched in the head so many times, her ear drum ruptured.

You can read the statement from the Santa Clara County DA Office Right HERE

This is the extraordinarily TONE DEAF response from the 49ers regarding the charges:

Yeah, ok, I get the fact we live in America where you're "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"....but there have been NFL, NBA, MLB and other professional athletes at the very least SUSPENDED until their cases are resolved. Which is something CLEARLY not happening here.

The follow up question I have is this: WHY is the NFL not getting involved? Why is the NFLPA not saying anything?

You'd think with the HORRIFIC history the NFL and its teams and players have with the way domestic violence cases are handled they'd react immediately. Or they'd say something---anything....

Nope, nothing.....

Maybe the investigation will continue and the charges lessen---but the likelihood this was a false case, something which never happened is minute to say the least.

Yet the 49ers would rather let the "Investigative Process" continue. Which raises the question of what they'll do if he's found guilty?

Will they say "Bad Reuben" and slap him on the wrist?

Yeah, sure Foster is a decent NFL Linebacker, not a "Pro Bowl" level guy but a solid talent. He was a 1st round pick in 2016 out of Alabama where the only other major blemish was a Marijuana arrest. He had some issues before the draft, allegedly walking away from the NFL Scouting Combine after claiming he was "Mistreated" while undergoing a medical evaluation....

He also was at an Auburn, Alabama nightclub where 3 people were shot and killed around the same time.

Again, I'll reiterate---playing NFL Football or any other professional sport is NOT a right, it is a privilege. And yes, while Reuben Foster is "Innocent Until Proven" guilty, it sure looks like there's plenty of evidence to indicate he is.

I won't come out and say the Niners should just get rid of him immediately no questions asked (though they should)....but at the very least Suspend the guy.

And if they won't, come on Jolly Roger, did you not learn enough from the Ray Rice fiasco and litany of other cases/incidents? Step in and say something......anything.....stand for something....please....

Otherwise you can pretty much throw out anything the NFL has said regarding Domestic Violence in the past couple of years because it appears to be a completely hollow statement....

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