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Baseball Fights are Just Plain Stupid

Can someone please explain why baseball fights are and have been "A Thing"?

Yeah, sure, I'm a baseball guy---I know the reason behind them but really, the question I have is this: Are they really worth the effort? I mean what you end up with in almost every case are a bunch of guys running at each other throwing awkward punches that rarely if ever connect.

And what "Message" does it really send?

Lord knows why San Diego Padres pitcher Luis Perdomo felt compelled to throw a pitch behind Colorado's Nolan Arenado in the 3rd inning of a scoreless game. Apparently it was an alleged "response" to Padres OF Manny Margot getting plunked in the rib cage the night before.

Either way Arenado went bonkers, charging the mound as Perdomo threw his glove in the general direction of the Rockies star 3B. It landed about as close as the pitch.

Of course the benches cleared and the bullpen pitchers and catchers came jogging in as guys paired up and do-se-doe'd on the field. Arenado continued yelling bad things at Perdomo and the two men along with a handful of other got tossed from the game.

Meanwhile, in Boston, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox continued their strange and in baseball terms "Intense" rivalry at Fenway Park.

The game got chippy after a play at second base where Red Sox SS Brock Holt got upset after Yankees 1B Tyler Austin appeared to raise his spikes after a slide.

Later in the game, upon Austin's next at-bat, Yankees pitcher Joe Kelly awkwardly tried to hit Austin with a pitch.

He missed.

The next pitch however did not and yup, you guessed it, the benches cleared yada, yada, yada....

The point in all of this is simple: Why? What purpose does any of this serve? Is it supposed to incite fear and undying respect by the opposition? I don't think so....

It makes baseball players feel better to say they "Defended" their teammates and stuck to "The Code". But really it just makes them look silly.

Yeah, sure, its the rare time baseball makes it into News Segments as breathless Network News readers describe and laugh at the antics.

But it proves nothing.

Nothing other than the whole exercise is just plain stupid. It's a bad look for a sport that needs attention, I get it. And yeah, this certainly does get attention.

But really, does it prove or accomplish anything?

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