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The Stanley Cup Playoffs are The Best Playoffs of all Major Sports

You may not pay attention to the NHL during their regular season. Much like Major League Baseball and the NBA, the season drags on an inordinate amount of time (82 games), seemingly never ending.

But unlike the NBA playoffs and the bizarre MLB system--the NHL's pursuit of the Stanley Cup is truly one of Sports greatest events.


Because of the all-out, crazy, banshee attempts in overtime resulting in game winning goals....

Hockey players by nature are a different breed. Often playing through injuries we never get a specific definition of. "Lower Body Injuries"...what the hell is a "Lower Body Injury"? That's the type of thing you see on a game injury list. And rarely does such a thing keep a hockey player from playing.

The list of guys suiting up and playing with dislocated bones, muscle tears, stitches in their faces is far too long....and why Hockey guys are well---sometimes considered nuts.

It may--or may not be because of "Playoff Beards".

If you don't know what I'm talking about---most Hockey players grow beards during the playoffs. Call it superstition or whatever. It's a thing. And they can sometimes be something to behold...

I'm not going to sit here and tell you to watch every game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Much like the NBA, way too many teams make the playoffs and often the first round can be uninteresting affairs between two teams who never should be playing for a title.

BUT...on occasion it does change with 8 seeds upsetting 1 seeds. And the unexpected does sometimes happen.

I'm not saying it will. Nor am I telling you The Florida Panthers will win the Cup.'s not totally out of the question either.

Tune in and watch the (No Las) Vegas Golden Knights---they won their division, by a very comfortable margin. Did I mention this is their inaugural season?


All I'm telling you is this: Give Hockey a chance. I'm not telling you to be a die hard fan, someone who watches from day 1 and plays Fantasy Hockey.

I'm just saying watch the Cup Playoffs over the next 6 weeks (They start tonight April11th). You'll see some crazy good stuff.

I gar-an-tee it.....

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