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Why are people dumping on Masters Champ Patrick Reed?

Judge much Golf Fans? Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth or lives an idyllic life.

For reasons I just don't understand, newly crowned Masters Champ Patrick Reed is getting shit on by an uncommonly large amount of the Golf world.

And it makes very little sense.

Yeah, I know, you'll say "Look at his background" and I'll say "Who cares"....

Reed was nearly flawless this week at Augusta National, taming the legendary course with a truly impressive 15-under par total for four rounds of golf.

Which is sad....

For those of you asking, what's the deal---it's this. Reed does not come without a backstory. Estranged from his family in Texas, Reed came to the University of Georgia as a highly touted golfer with loads of potential.

But, there were rumors of drinking problems, allegations he cheated before being kicked off the UGA Golf team after his first season. He's highly animated and more than once talked smack to competitors, teammates and/or anyone who'd listen to him. It got so bad, his teammates helped get him booted off the team.

So what....

In wrestling I suppose it would make him a "Heel" character but look at what the guy has done since leaving College (where he was a 2-time National Champ).

He's been nothing short of amazing as a Ryder Cup participant. He's played for his country twice, going 6-1-2 in his matches and was arguably the teams best player.

He's won three times on Tour which no, doesn't make him a legend. But he now can say he's a "Masters Champion" and will spend the rest of his career returning to Augusta National wearing the Green Jacket any time he wants.

Sunday, he spent the final round paired with Rory McIlroy, one of the best golfers in the world. McIlroy didn't say a disparaging word all day about his playing partner---but did post this quote found its way onto the internet Saturday night.

The also were in full on "Roar Mode" as Ricky Fowler birdied 4 holes on the back 9 to also finish just behind Reed.

What truly amazes me (though nothing on Social Media should) is that after the round, people were slamming the Champ because he didn't have his "Family" there. His wife---and former caddie was, but the judgement of Twitter trolls was as usual---sad and disappointing.

Patrick Reed may not be a perfect human being but so what? He's a damn talented golfer who should be worthy of respect if for no other reason than he conquered the Masters...

The guy has done some crazy good things as a professional. He may not be the cardboard cutout, perfectly coiffed, clean-cut epitome of a "Golf Champion"....but so what. The guy has nothing to apologize for at this point in his life. There's not a person reading this who didn't do something in their lives they regret or would do over.

That doesn't make him a horrible person, it just makes him normal.

And what on God's Green Earth is wrong with that....

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