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Could Conor McGregor's UFC Attack be a WWE Style Work?

I'm sure by now, most Sports fans have seen the video footage of UFC Star Conor McGregor going bananas at the "Media Day" for UFC 223 at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, New York.

McGregor stormed in...and then out of the "News Conference" before the event, the last chance for mostly writers to talk to the fighters participating in the event.

McGregor was not one of them....which may have been one reason why he flipped out.

Yeah, he really picked up a railing and threw it at a small charter bus driving out of the arena full of UFC Fighters. And it broke the window, raining glass on some of the occupants.

And maybe it is. Maybe it was completely unscripted, completely a surprise--something nobody could have seen coming.

Or maybe it wasn't.

Conveniently, McGregor and the handful of people with him managed to quickly escape via a waiting SUV.

White did press charges against McGregor who did eventually turn himself in and is allegedly facing a count of "Criminal Mischief" and 3 counts of "Misdemeanor Assault". He's slated to be arraigned in court as well and likely will "Bond Out".

The incident, according to reports was triggered by an issue between UFC 223 Headliner Khabib Nurmagodev and McGregor pal Atem Lebov.

Now...all that being said. I'm not going to sit here and tell you the fighters in the bus weren't legitimately hurt. They may well have been and their fights may be cancelled.

Nor am I going to say McGregor's tirade was planned or scripted like a WWE event.... rings awfully familiar.

It may all be a true coincidence and McGregor may have legitimately injured or tried to hurt a bunch of people. But the UFC also needs headlines and attention.

I'm wondering if this is what in wrestling terms is called a "Work" or if it is the legitimate unravelling of a guy who was arguably the biggest name in the competitive UFC world?

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