Notre Dame's Arike Ogunbowale Owned the Women's Final Four at the Buzzer

I'm guessing a lot of you were like me and didn't watch the NCAA Women's Final Four this weekend. And yeah, we missed what can only be described as basketball insanity.

It's not so much that Notre Dame won the National Title Sunday night with a 61-58 win over Mississippi State---no, the story as two fold. First, how they GOT to the national title game and then second, how they ended up walking away with the championship trophy.

Friday night, the Irish won an absolute classic of a National Semi-Final game vs. seemingly indestructible UConn 92-89 in overtime after Arike Ogunbowale cold bloodily stepped back and drew nothing but net on a 3-point shot with 1.0 seconds left in the game.

Alas, Ogunbowale was not finished. Sunday night, the matchup with Mississippi State was a super intense game that the Bulldogs largely dominated, holding Notre Dame to a total of 3-points in the 2nd quarter (yes, the play quarters in the women's game--the men should explore this).

The Irish would chip away at the lead and a 16-1 run to end the 3rd quarter set the table for perhaps the most dramatic NCAA Basketball title game we'll ever see.

Tied at 58 as the clock was winding down to zero, Notre Dame had possession---and guess who ended up with the ball in the far right corner behind the 3-point line? Yup, Arike Ogunbowale who did something absolutely cold-blooded and totally amazing---again.....

Gotta add this here: If you ever wanted to know what it looks like for the announcers calling a buzzer beater like that....check out the "Announcer Cam" used by ESPN, it's both awesome and hilarious....

Amin's reaction is pretty much exactly what you'd expect---and yeah, his call was great. Lobo also reacted like a fan, stunned at what she just saw. Kara Lawson---well, someone should have checked to see if she was alive at that moment or if she is a robot who was still charging her batteries....

I've gotta say---I'm sorry I didn't watch these two games, it's not often you see one, never mind two buzzer beating wins by a team in the Final Four. In fact I'm pretty sure it's never happened in either the men or women's tourney.

Congrats to Ogunbowale and her teammates---you have restored at least my faith somewhat in College Basketball. To say this was an impressive weekend for the Lady Irish would be selling the word impressive oh, so very short.....

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