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The Rams Are About to Usher in an Era of $5 Billion Stadiums

((Screengrab/YouTube--LA Rams))

How much is too much?

Clearly the NFL and Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke want to make a statement with the stadium being built in Inglewood, California which will host not only the Rams...and the Chargers---but likely NFL Media and according to multiple rumors, the NFL Scouting Combine currently held in Indianapolis.

The stadium, which was originally budgeted at roughly $2 billion has um, well, exploded a bit in cost.

Estimates now run in the $5 billion range, a number verified at this weeks NFL Owners meetings when the Rams sought out and received from their fellow billionaires---a credit line increase....

Again the question though is "How much is too much?"....

Such palaces are built clearly for a certain level of consumer and not necessarily the one that buys upper level season tickets that cost more than a two months of house payments. They're built for the luxury consumer with disposable income who rarely attends the games or the business willing to spend the money for a box or box seats they may or may not use.

The palaces are being built partially on the backs of taxpayers though all three (Jerry's place, Arthur's place and Stan's place) are at least partially funded by the owners too.

But will that make you come to the games? In some instances maybe. The Rams are in a good place right now with an exceptional 2017 that got them to the playoffs. They've been aggressive thus far in the offseason and they've got some good days ahead. Same with the Chargers who will play in L.A too.

We should also mention Stan's place won't be ready on time either. Weather delays have forced them to extend the build out another year. Originally slated for 2019, it now will open in 2020 and at the end of that season it's slated to hold a Super Bowl.

Take this as you will, the question I still ask and still can't find an answer to is when it comes to a stadium---"How much is too much?"

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