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NCAA Basketball Teams Hiring Family Members of Recruits is Also Why The Sport is Crooked

For all the huffing and puffing and posturing the NCAA does saying they want their sports to be Amateur, there are so many things that say just the opposite.

The myriad of rules regarding recruiting and what athletes can and can't do is mind boggling and confuses even the smartest of expert.

Which is why one BLATANTLY obvious bad rule still existing makes absolutely no sense.

How in 2018, with the specter of bribery, corruption and blatant rule breaking hanging over the head of College Basketball, is a rule stating there is nothing wrong with hiring the family member of a top recruit.

The latest example flouting the rule---USC (Southern Cal) hiring Eric Mobley to be an assistant coach.

Mobley is a fairly long-time AAU coach in the Los Angeles area with some success coaching at that level. But he has ZERO College....or even High School experience. And we should add directly: AAU Basketball is the source of many of the sports corruption and cheating problems but that's another story for another day.

Mobley was hired to replace Tony Bland. If Bland's name sounds familiar to anyone--it's because he was named in an FBI probe revolving around bribery and making payments to recruits.

So what does USC and Coach Andy Enfield do, they go out and hire an AAU Coach with no experience.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the twist here....

Eric Mobley has 2 sons. Both of whom um, just happen to be highly rated up and coming high school players with huge upsides. 6-9, 220 lb Isiah Mobley is a junior who just happens to be a Top 40 recruit for the Class of 2019, younger brother Evan, a 6-10 200 lb sophomore is projected as a Top 15 recruit for the Class of 2020.


Yeah, does anyone who follows the sport really believe Eric Mobley was the most qualified person to take a job on Enfield's staff? Do you think the Mobley brothers will be playing anywhere other than USC?

The saddest part about's perfectly legal. It violates ZERO NCAA rules.

That's right, the Draconian NCAA has no rule prohibiting a school from hiring a family member of a recruit and then going out and recruiting the coach's kid.

It happened last year at Missouri when Cuonzo Martin hired Michael Porter, Sr, father of highly touted recruit Michael Porter Jr...Though at least the elder Porter had some College Coaching experience on his resume.

And the original example of this happened back in the 1980's when the ever shady then Kansas Head Coach Larry Brown hired Ed Manning, dad of prize recruit Danny Manning to be an assistant coach with NO coaching experience at ANY level to be an assistant. (Brown and Ed Manning played together back in the late 1960's)....

Not surprisingly Danny showed up in Lawrence and helped lead the Jayhawks to a National Title in 1988.

The point here is this---

If the NCAA ever wants to be taken seriously by, well, anyone....things like this need to stop.

There is NO legitimate reason for USC hiring Mobley other than to get his sons to play basketball there. And for the NCAA to claim they want to stop recruiting corruption and fix their totally tarnished reputation but then let things like this happen while shrugging their shoulders is the reason they have the respect of nobody.

Yet it happens...and sure as I'm sitting typing this column on a 2013 MacBook Pro Computer---USC will end up being an NCAA power in 2019 or 2020 led by the Mobley brothers.

Step up and have a spine Mark Emmert and NCAA leaders. If you want to let people know you're serious about stopping the corrupt recruiting culture surrounding College Sports, make a rule stating the father of a top recruit can't be hired unless he's the most qualified person for the job. I get you can't enforce or legislate labor laws in any particular state---but c'mon man, this stinks....stinks to high frigging heaven....

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