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Are NFL Free Agents Being Shunned Because of Protests?

No, I still don't understand how NFL Player Protests in the name of racial equality somehow got hijacked and twisted into some sort of anti-National Anthem statement.

I know part of it came from Politicians, Fearless Leader and the Ministry of Propaganda (Fox News) and somehow the faux outrage from these three managed to totally usurp the message, making it about something it had nothing to do with.

And now the most vocal of players involved with trying to do the right thing and get an important message out there---are having a tough time finding a job.

We all know the story of Colin Kaepernick, by no means the most talented QB to ever play in the NFL, but clearly better than roughly 15-20 of the guys on rosters as backup quarterbacks and arguably better than some of the guys who started this past season, is and remains unemployed.

The one that in my mind clearly shows the NFL Owners are colluding to keep the most vocal players punished---is the current free agent status of former San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid.

Reid by most every measurable standard is one of the better Safety's in the NFL. He's made the Pro Bowl as a rookie 1st Round Draft pick out of LSU in 2013 and even his former boss, 49ers G.M John Lynch said he admired Reid's talents but has others to play the position on his team. (He didn't say at a lesser cost) Reid's contract expired at the end of the 2017 season. He currently remains unemployed.

Thursday he went on record telling reporters while at Stanford watching his brother Justin's Pro Day workout that he won't "Kneel During the anthem" and would take a "Different approach" to get out an important social message.

I don't know if it is a "Change of Direction" after these Tweets---

Folks, the Eric Reid's of the world should NEVER have to apologize for doing what's in their hearts. So many people so many times say they want athletes to be engaged in their communities and be a force for change in communities that need it.

This guy is EXACTLY that.

And his last tweet is pretty much spot on. This is a football player who moved to a linebacker role midway through 2017, in a "Contract" year, because the team asked him to in order to help. And he was pretty good at it...

Yeah, sure, the guy has made enough money that he's likely already set for life. And yeah, if he doesn't find a team, he'll be ok. But it just is mind boggling to me that guys like Reid who are and continue to fight the good fight face blowback from a clearly uninformed and chicken shit NFL Ownership who despite not admitting they're black-balling players for trying to make a good social statement that got pulled out from underneath them for fear of a backlash by the ignorant masses who believe everything the Ministry of Propaganda, Politicians and Fearless Leader say even though they admit most of the time they are the ones lying to you.

.....okay, I got a little wound up there. Sorry.

Best of luck to Eric Reid, most any NFL team would be lucky to have you dude. Keep being you....

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