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The NFL Has Lost its Mind With Draft Coverage

Are there really enough people with nothing better to do on the last weekend of April to justify not one, not two, but FIVE networks covering the 2018 NFL Draft?

It appears the NFL thinks so.....

Not only do we have the traditional broadcasts on ESPN and the NFL Network, we now get ESPN simulcast on ABC, FOX Sports along with ESPN 2 all showing a parade of new millionaires in front of a captive audience of Football executives and fans who will boo the mere sight of NFL Commish Jolly Roger Goodell.

Yeah, sure, I know the Draft inexplicably draws pretty good TV ratings--but this reeks of a "Jump the Shark" moment...and there are reasons behind it, some obvious, some more nefarious.

For years, no...decades (starting in 1979), the draft was an ESPN broadcast. The 4-letter word/network trotted out hairpiece Mel Kiper Jr , bloviator Chris Berman and a host of others and brought the draft from a fringe event to a made for TV event watched by millions.

But the NFL gradually began diversifying the broadcast with the creation of their own TV Cable Network, the NFL Network. And for the past 10-years or so, both have been ably broadcasting the event which has gone from one really long day to an event spanning not one but 3 full days.

But the 4-letter network and the NFL are um, for lack of a better way to put it---are in a bit of a spat. The TV contract is winding to a close and FOX will be taking over the broadcast in full come 2019. But...apparently the contract did not contain any language limiting who could televise the event.

Which is why we get the FOX broadcast.....

By-the-bye, FOX will also be taking over the highly despised by fans and players alike Thursday night game package along with the draft, making them arguably the NFL's biggest broadcaster. Which depending on your point of view and look at TV ratings may not be the greatest thing ever....and in some ways a bit ironic.

I assume--though haven't seen anything verifying it--that the broadcast will go back to a NFL Network/Fox event beginning next year. At least I hope it does. No, I'm not one of those weirdos who will sit there and watch the now 3-day long event from start to finish. In fact, I likely won't watch much other than maybe the 1st round and will just read about the other 6 rounds another day...

But many of you will and to that I say---well, good for you. I'm glad you're that vested in the future of your teams. I'm also impressed you have that kind of time on your hands, not all of us do.

So---enjoy your NFL Draft---NFL Fan, you've got the jackpot of options in 2018, it may---or may not be something you'll never get again...

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