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You Weren't Going to Get Your Tournament Bracket Right Anyway!

Don't walk into your office, sit down at your favorite restaurant or bar or walk into your home whining about your NCAA Tournament Brackets being messed up after the first day.

It was going to happen and happens every year.

Rarely can you predict when an upset will happen---though any time a #5 seed vs. a #12 seed matchup should make you nervous.

Unless you are an Alumnus of #11 seed Loyola of Chicago, you likely had no reason to expect Donte Ingram would drill a 28-foot, 3-point shot to beat #6 seed Miami...

You also had no way of knowing #4 seed Arizona, with a ton of Talented players would lay an absolute egg and lose by 21 to #13 Buffalo...

Like every year since the beginning of the NCAA Tournament, upsets like these happen. And these two were on Day #1. The second set of 1st Round Games haven't been played yet (as this is written).

You'll likely see at least one if not two more top 5 seed lose on Day #2, it's the NCAA Tournament and things like these happen--every year.

So don't whine about your "Brackets"....the favorites NEVER win every game in the NCAA Tourney. Nobody ever gets a 100% clean bracket. Has it happened? Yeah, it has, but you stand a better chance in real life of experiencing one of these below, than you do of getting everything right....

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