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Stop Bitching About Teams Left Out of the NCAA Tournament

Just stop. Stop writing columns about the poor, unfortunate teams not picked to participate in March Madness. Even if you have a legit argument, it doesn't matter what you think. So stop!

Every year there are teams that get left out, teams with legitimate qualifications and great arguments to be one of the 68 selected to compete for the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. That has been a time honored tradition from the 32-team era all the way through the bloated 68-team event we've got now.

But just like College Football, Basketball relies on the exact same thing that causes so much consternation among College Sports fans.

The opinions of a "Selection Committee"....

As long as the teams are selected by a group of long in the tooth gentlemen huddled in a closed room exerting and exercising their thoughts on worthy teams, this argument will ALWAY exist.

There will ALWAYS be teams left out and all your bitching, moaning and complaining about it is NOT going to change that.

Yeah, the 7th columnist complaining USC got left out this season will be the one who changes history. Suddenly the committee will say "Oh, my we made a mistake, we'll drop someone else out because X writer said we should" something that will never, ever happen.

And so what, if the committee decided to leave the Trojans, Louisville and anyone else out due to FBI investigations--it's their choice. You saying the investigations are what left them out may be true...though Auburn made it. And really, does it matter what you think? Then there's the case of Trae Young and Oklahoma, losers of 8 out of their last 10 but TV darlings due to Young's crazy performances.

The Sooners made it with an 18-13 record....should they have? Open for debate. But the fact of the matter is, they were chosen.

For those of you who are saying the Committee picked them because of "TV"....well, maybe you're right and maybe you're not. Consider CBS and TBS get paid no matter who plays in the tournament. People are going to watch whether Trae Young plays or not. He's good, but not a "TV" game changer. Fans are going to watch the tournament for the tournament. That's what draws the eyeballs, not a very good freshman guard on a mediocre team.

So just stop whining about those left out and let's talk about the teams who made it. That is where your energies should be directed, not wasting your time talking about the lunacy of the Committee.

And no, "Expanding" the tournament yet again is NOT...the solution.

Now....all that being said---if you tuned into the Tournament Selection show this year, you were probably either laughing, shaking your head or turned it off.

For the first time in a generation or two, it moved off CBS and was broadcast on TBS a.k.a cable. And well, it didn't go so well.

But---keeping with the theme of this story, stop bitching about it. So what, they changed the format from what many viewers have seen for the past 20 or so years. Who cares....??

Oh, yeah, that's right, people on Social Media hate change. Except when they don't.....

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