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Is Anyone Playing in the Valspar Championship Besides Tiger Woods?

If you're a golf fan--welp, you are a seriously devoted soul. If you are a fan of any other golfer than Tiger Woods---you likely have no idea how your guy is doing, unless you can find a leaderboard somewhere. You aren't going to see a story on anyone else.

The only person who appears to be acknowledged by the Sports Writers, Producers, Reporters and Photographers at this weeks Valspar Championship in Palm Harbor, Florida appear to be convinced Mr. Woods is the only person actually entered in the tournament.

And yes, I know full well that he means TV ratings, something the sport desperately needs. Even if he doesn't win (which he hasn't in a decade), his presence means eyeballs, something golf has been sorely lacking.

This is on the always jumbled front page of

And on, there's this:

And yeah, it's great. Tiger shot a 1-under par 70, yay! Good for him.....

However that score after the first round puts him in a tie for 8th place.....with 21 other golfers.

Listen, I get it. I've written about this before. I've never understood why one big name, one dominant team is seemingly the only thing that exists when it comes to breathless coverage.

Which is a flat out insult to everyone else.

I know--it's a nod to casual sports fans. Most hardcore fans know everyone and aren't floored or shaking in their boots at the thought of Tiger Woods golfing again.

Sportswriters for reasons I don't clearly understand, treat the guy like Michael Jordan, like the greatest living golfer on the planet.

Which to be perfectly honest.......isn't true.

Yeah, sure Woods was heading in that direction, but going nearly 10-years without a win, never mind completing a season pretty much eliminates that option.

If you want to talk about the greatest golfers ever---that conversation starts with this guy below:

Yeah, like I said, I get it. Most people can't remember things that happened in 2015 (3-years ago), never mind what happened previous to that.

So if the ESPN's, CBS's, Golf Channel's and NBC's of the world say Tiger Woods is the only person that matters. And for them it does, like we said, if he's not there, nobody watches....

Well, then, by gosh--by all means, you golf fanatics enjoy your Tiger Woods/Valspar Open this weekend...

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